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My Favourite Book Essay with English Quotation for Students

Books are really superb source of knowledge and enlightenment. They Open whole world of its readers. As it is said that: "The greater our knowledge increases, The greater our ignorance unfolds unfold". There are hundred of books n this world. They leave an enhancing and soothing effect on our minds and our perplexed souls. A book is a volume of many sheets of paper bounded together, containing text, illustrations, photographsor other kind of information. I have read many books but the Holy Quran is the most impportant and sacred book to me. This its is my favourite book. Read this:  The Choice of Career English Essay for Students "Alif Laam Raa. A book which we have revealed to you (Muhammad) so that you may lead the people from out of the darkness into the light by their Lord's leave to the path of the Allah Almighty, th Praiseworthy." [Quran 14:1] To bgin with, it is necessary to introduce th Quran. It is a message from Allah to humanity, which was transm

My Hero in History Essay with English Quotation for Students

"No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men." A hero is a person who is admired and appreciated for his courage, outstanding and exceptional achievements and nobile qualities. There are many figures in hisotry who stood head and shoulder above other men and women of their generations. They have altered the course of nations, re-written history in the light of their acheivements and many have even influence our modern way of life in novel ways. they are highly influential individuals who due to their charisma, intelligence, wisdom or politcial skill, utizlized their noble power in a way that had a decisive historical impace. They stay alive through to triumph and etch ehir names in th golden books of the history. Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations "The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torchers in th edark streets of the life for men to see by." Allama Muhammad

My Hobby (Reading Books) Essay with English Quotation for Students

A hobby can be defined as an activity which is done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. According to Oxford dictionary: "Hobby is an activity that you do for please when you are not working." A hobby is a special work which a person does for the sake of the amusement and pleasure. It is our favorite recreation. A hobby is generally an art in which a person is most interested. It always serves as source of amusement and restitution. It plays an important increases one's efficiency, interest and ability. It gives an opportunity to full development of one's various aspects of personality. It provides a chance to meet other people having the same ideas. It also becomes a source of alternative career. Apart from this, it keeps us away from frustration, ragem anger and depression off this cso called modern world. A man must have a hobby for a sound mind and sound health. A man cannot enjoy his leisure without a hobby. Without a hobby, life becomes dull and mo

Essay on (A Picnic Visit to a Historical Place) in English

Change is the law of nature. Change also means variety. Man wants change from routine life. It provides refreshment, joy and entertainment. An escape from monotonous life is a must. A picnic provides all these. It is a good opportunity to go out of doors in the open amidst nature. A picnic is an occasion to go away from the boring and familiar surroundings. Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations Last Sunday, we decided to go on a picnic We chose Jahangir's Tomb as our picnic destination. It is a very attractive and convenient place. There are vast lawns, open spaces, green surroundings and many tree-groves. The artificial water channels and waterfalls add more to its attraction. For a family picnic it is the best place. We often come here as it is in the city, and is one of the important historical buildings of Lahore. Read this:  Few Lines on Importance of Women in Our Life My mother had made all the preparations with the help of my elder sister Madiha.

Science in the Service of Humanity Quotation Essay

"If we do not lay out ourselves in the services of mankind, whom should we serve?" We are living in the scientific era. Miracles of science have changed our lives. The gifts of science can be felt in every walk of life. Its services to humananity are immiscible. Science and its wonders appear to be unalloyed blessing. It impacts can be felt in all spheres of life, namely health care, education, communications, agriculture, industry etc Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations It has made our life longer, easier and comfortable. Moreover, it has brought about a change in our outlook. Undoubtedly, science has revolutionized our life. Practically, no field of our activity is untouched by the impact of science. "Do the new, be the change." The phenumenal development of modern technology and the spectaculars successes of researchers in various branches of science are the bases of all those remarkable things which have sprung from the brains of our s

English Essay on Technical Education with Headings and Outlines

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey Education is the key to one's success in life. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment and generally of preparing oneself for mature life. According to Bacon “Reading maketh a full man; writing an exact man and conference a ready man.” Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations In other words, we can say that education makes anyone complete, accurate and worldly wise. It means that no one is complete without education. Education is important and significant for every individual in a nation. It plays a vital and dynamic role to change the scenario of a country. Education makes a man realize about himself and his goals and how to achieve that goal, “The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done." - Jean Piaget There are many

Role of Women in Society English Essay with Quotation

"Woman's place in society marks the level of civilization." The place and role of Women has always been a matter of discussion. Some favour the freedom of women while others shun it. Other than debates and discussions it is now an admitted fact that the role of women in progress and prosperity of a society cannot be ignored in any way. Women have successfully performed every role imposed upon them. Naturally, they are housewives but they have been leaders, doctors, Social Workers and educators. In modern times they are considered an inevitable part of social construction. Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations The history of place of women is not very pleasant. They have been man's first slave. They have been the subject of terror and ill treatment. They were considered inferior. But with the passage of time, they have turned the tables and have compelled man to admit that God has granted a solid women. It was also a common misconception that

My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher - Essay in English

"Aim not only makes a difference to one's life but it also differentiates one from all." Aim in life is very important. It shows what man wants from life. Aim guides the unguided trains the untrained and makes life a purposeful blessing of God. People adopt aims according to their own tastes and temperaments. In my opinion, the best are those who earn the pleasure of God and the payers of the people. Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations "There are two things to aim in life: first to get what you want and after that, to enjoy it." Planning is the essence of life. It helps to achieve the set targets. To choose a career in life is very important. There - are many professions so the choice of a career becomes very difficult. However, one is able to pick the best. The same happened to me when I wanted to choose a career for myself. I had many professions before me like medical, law, journalism and teaching. After a long consideration, I decide

A Road Accident Essay with English Quotation for Students

An accident may be defined as: "An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typical resulting in damage or injury." Our life is like a bubble in a river, like the dew it falls at night and disappears in the morning. Like sound it comes and goes away. Who knows what is in store for us? Who knows what is going to happen the next moment? “There is no armour against fate - Death lays its icy hands on kings." Road accidents take place in big cities almost every day. Sometimes, these accide prove to be fatal. Two main factors responsible for road accidents are heavy traffic on roads and rash driving. Normally, these are cyclists and motor cyclists who are the victims of such accidents. Sometimes, pedestrians are also killed in these accidents. Read this:  Dowry System is Curse - English Essay (1000 Words) "Life is short, don't rush it" This situation can also arise when any two vehicles moving on the road try to race each other or

Hostel Life - Complete English Essay with Outlines & Quotes

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be feit with the heart." _ Helen Keller Hostel is an integral part of every college. Life in a college hostel is fuli of pleasures and amusements. It is a place where food and lodging are provided for students. Life in a hostel is different from the life in a home. Generally a student stays in a hostel when his residence is located far from his educational institution. Life in a hostel makes a student self-dependent. It makes him smart, active and disciplined. It gives all the students an ample chance to learn how to lead an independent and responsible life. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of the students. Students of different habits and tastes live together under one roof which results in better understanding and more co-operation among themselves. Read this:  Essay on My Favourite Scientist (Newton) in English for Students "Being considerate of ot

Pleasures of College Life Essay with outlines free Download

"A college is a lighthouse which emits radiations of wisdom and knowledge." Memories are magical, cherished and precious and so are aspirations. To the young imagination of a schoolboy the very word college is wonderful and fascinating. It gives him delightful moments of wishful thinking. It fills his mind with beautiful images, hopes and ideas/ After completing a part of their education, the students are admitted to the colleges. It is a garden period of a student's life. Read this:  Environmental Pollution Essay with Quotations "Self reverence, Self-knowledge, self-control; e three alone lead one to sovereign power." College life is the life of infinite liberty, luxury, enjoyment and adventure. College is a place where a person gets a chance to build his character and future. College is the only place which aims at the moral development of a person. It promises bright future of a nation by generating civilized and responsible citizens. School is a place whe

My Last Day at College Essay with Simple Quotation

Shelly says: "We look before and after, And pine for what is not: Our sincerest laughter With some pain is fraught; Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts." A college is place where a man sees the dreams of the bright future. Students are sent to the colleges to become sophisticated and expedient citizens of the nation. College is the place where the youth of the nation is prepared by skillful and brilliant teachers. A college is always promisese a bright future to those who are committed and steadfast. A college imparts knowledge but also tells us the ways to lead a contented life. "A college is lighthouse which emits radiations of wisdom and knowledge." Read:   The Kashmir Issue Essay in English for Students There are some moments in our life which are always memorable as well as unforgettable. Such moments of life always glitter with unfurtune memories. "Memory is the treasury and guardians of all the things." My last day at

My First Day at College Essay with English Quotation

Sweet memories are like the sweet flowers. They become a constant source of happiness and glee in the depressing drama of the life. The sweet memories of my first day at college are the assets of my life. These memories will haunt me forever. "Good memories are lost jewels." College is place where a person gets a chance to build his character and future. College is the only place which aims at the moral development of a person. It promises a bright future of a nation by generating civilized and responsible citizens. School is a place where we are taught how to think but college is complete new world which tells us how other people think. "A college education shows how little people think." I passed S.S. C part II examination in 'A' Grade and thought of getting admission in college. I applied for admission in Govt. Degree College. After a few days list of successful candidates who were selected. I was allotted Roll number and I was proud of being college st

11 Important English Letters for Matric FSc Students

These are the letters which are equally repeated in the examination of 9th 10th 11th 12th class on every year. And these letters are equally useful for the KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan boards. Students who are preparing there entry tests i.e. NTS, CSS, PPSC and FPSC they also can avail from these letters. Moreover, the language of these letters is very simple and easy that every medium student can understand them. [accordion] Letter no.1 Write a letter to the Inspector General Police expressing your concern about the lawlessness in your city or locality. Examination Hall,  A.B.C(City).  June 5, 2010  The Inspector General of Police, Govt. of Punjab. Subject: Growing Public Concern about Lawlessness  Sir, Recently, the brutal assassinations of some notable personalities including religious leaders have created panic in Multan. Everybody asks one question, Is Multan safe for a living? Though the other important cities are not far behind in such incidents of murder, gang-rap