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Something Is Better Than Nothing Story

The introduction: “Something is better than nothing” is a very simple and useful proverb, but we often fail to act on it. We do not understand how much wise it is to be satisfied with what we have. When we desire and try to get something better, we should not throw away or lose what we already have. Another proverb “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” also teaches us the same lesson. The following story of the dog brings out the truth of it. The Story A dog once lived near the market place of a small town. One day he stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. Then he started towards the fields. He wanted to get across la canal to reach the fields.; As the dog was crossing the bridge over the canal, he saw his own reflection in the water. He thought that it was another, dog with a piece of meat in his mouth. He at once jumped into the canat and began swimming towards the place where he had seen his reflection. As he barked, the piece of meat dropped from his mouth. He trie

Greed Brings Losses or Destruction Story

The introduction: A famous saying goes that there is enough in the world for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. A greedy person can never be happy and satisfied. He is caught in the net of his own greed as easily as he plans to get rich. The following story makes this point very well. The Story: There were three friends who wanted to get rich. One day they started on a journey in search of a chance to make a lot of money. They had to pass through a forest. In the forest, by chance, they found a bag of gold under a stone. Each of them wanted to take this bag and soon they started to quarrel. In a strange way, sometime later, they decided to divide the gold equally among themselves. The three men were feeling very hungry. One of them got ready to bring food from a village market, and the other two said they would wait for him. He started for the market. On the way, he thought of taking all the gold in the bag himself. He bought some food and mixed poison with it. He wanted to

Do Not Leap in the Dark Moral Story

The introduction: “Look before you leap” is a well-known proverb or saying quoted all over the world. It means that we should be very careful in taking an important decision. We all know that haste makes waste. An unwise step in life can land us in dangerous situations The story of the goat jumping into the well teaches this very fact to us. We are also like the goat quite often crying over our losses. Augustus Caesar said long ago: “Hasten (make haste) slowly and check yourself before taking a step.” The Story Once there was a fox. He fell into a well, which was without much water. The fox tried hard to come out, but he could not succeed. A goat came near the well. He heard the cries of the fox coming from its bottom. He looked into the well and was surprised to see the fox there. The fox asked the goat to jump into the well, as its water was cool and sweet. The goat really jumped into the well. It wanted to drink the sweet water. The fox was very clever. He jumped on the back of the

Robbers Turn Good Citizens Story

It is said that once Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani (God be pleased with him) went out on a journey with a caravan. His mother advised him to speak the truth always. A gang of robbers fell on his caravan and looted everyone of them. A robber came to him and asked him if he had something. He told that he had some coins stitched in his shirt. He took the boy with him to his leader. The leader asked him why he had not denied of having money. The boy told him about the advice of his mother. It had a deep effect on him. he felt sorry for his deeds. He repented and gave up robbery. He returned everything to all the members of the caravan and advised his gang to live an honest life. Moral: Speak the truth always Good, sometimes, comes out of evil. [ PDF Download ]

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Story

Two friends lived in a village. They often bragged about true and sincere friendship. One day they set out for another village. On the way they passed through a forest. When they were walking through the forest, they saw a bear coming to their direction, at a distance. One of them hurriedly climbed up the tree and did not bother about the other. The friend who could not climb up the tree lay on the grass quite breathless like a dead man. After some time the bear came near him and smelt him. The bear thought him dead and took his way. When the bear went away, the selfish friend came down from the tree and went to his friend. He asked the friend what the bear had told him in his ear. The other friend was a wise fellow and he replied that the bear had told him that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Since that day he never talked to his selfish friend who left him in the trouble. Moral: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed [ PDF Download ]

Look Before You Leap Story

Once a fox fell into the well. He did not know how to come out. The well was shallow, but he could not get out of it. By chance, a goat passed that way. She looked into the well. She was surprised to find the fox there. She said to the fox, “Hello! what are you doing here?’ The fox replied, “Dear, the water of this well is very sweet. I daily come there to drink it. So come down and have a drink”. The goat was very foolish. She did not stop to think but jumped into the well. The fox at once got over the back of the goat and jumped out of the well. Now the goat realized her folly. She requested the fox to help her out. The fox said, “Why did you jump into the well if you could not come out? Now go on crying. Your master will come to get you out. In the meantime, you may enjoy the sweet water of the well. Goodbye!” Saying this the fox ran into the jungle and the goat was left in trouble. Moral: Look before you leap. Haste makes waste. [ PDF Download ]

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention Story

Once a crow was thirsty. He flew hither and thither in search of water. It was the month of June. The sun was very hot. It had not rained for some days. So, all the tanks and ponds had up. After a long labour, he saw a pitcher. He flew to the pitcher. He found that water was just at the bottom of the pitcher. He tried his level best to drink the water with his beak but could not succeed. He saw some pebbles lying nearby. He carried the pebbles with his beak. He dropped them into the pitcher one by one. The level of the water started rising. As it came upto the mouth of the pitcher, the crow was able to quench his thirsty. So, he drank water and flew away saying Kain, Kain. Moral: Necessity is the mother of invention. Where there is a will, there is a way. [ PDF Download ]

Tit for Tat - Short Moral Story

There lived a greedy young man in a village. He had a strange hen. It daily laid an egg of solid gold. He sold the egg at a very high price. Within a few days, he became very rich. The people were very much impressed by his riches. He was respected everywhere. But as time passed, he became more and more greedy. He was so impatient that he could not wait for several months. He did not wait for the eggs to come out one by one. He thought of a plan to fulfill his desire. He wanted to become rich at once. One day he killed the hen. He wanted to get all the eggs at once. He opened the stomach of the hen and looked for the eggs. He was much surprised to find no egg in the stomach at all. Now he realized his folly. He repented but he could never get such eggs in the future. Moral: Tit for tat. As you sow, so shall you reap. [ PDF Download ]

A Farmer and His Daughter Story

A farmer had a daughter. She was very imaginative. Once her father gave her a bucket full of milk. She was to take it to the market for selling milk. On the way, her imagination started working. She thought there would be a great rush of buyers. Milk would be sold at once and it would bring a lot of money. With that money, she said, to herself, her father would start would start some business. She felt that after a few years, her father would become very rich. Many offers for her marriage would come to him. She tossed her head and said that she would refuse them all like that. As she tossed her head, the bucket fell down and milk was all spilt on the ground. She was very sad but nothing could be done then. Moral: Do not build castles in the air. [ PDF Download ]

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Story

Once a messenger was to carry some important instructions from the king to the commander of the army, in the battle-field. When he was going to start, he found that one nail was missing from the shoe of the horse. He did not care for that. As he wanted to save time, he set off at once. On the way, the second nail from the shoes went off, but the messenger continued his journey. At last, all the nails slipped off and the shoe fell down. Now the horse could run no longer. It was getting late. The messenger was much worried. He tried to make his horse run faster and faster. Soon the horse was tired. It fell down and was dead. The rider was also wounded. The destination was not far. He began to run on foot. But it was too late. When he reached the battle-field, their army had been defeated by the enemy. So in saving a few minutes, the messenger lost many hours. Moral: A stitch in time saves nine [ PDF Download ]

The Lion and the Mouse Story

Once there lived a lion in a forest. One noon he was fast asleep under a shady tree. There was the hole of a mouse near the trunk of the tree. By chance the mouse climbed over the body of the lion. It disturbed the lion’s sleep. He woke up and caught the mouse in his paw. He was about to kill the mouse, when it said, “O king of the forest! spare my life. One day I will be of some use to you.” The lion took pity on it and let it go. A few days later the same lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He tried hard to free himself, but in vain. He roared furiously. The same mouse heard his roar and ran to the place where the lion was caught in the net. It began to nibble the ropes with its sharp teeth. Before long it cut all the ropes and set the lion free. The lion thanked it and disappeared into the forest. Moral: Do good and have good. Virtue is its own reward. [ PDF Download ]

The Hidden Treasure Story

Once there lived a farmer in a certain village. He had four sons. They were all very lazy. They always quarreled with one another. Their bad habits were a great cause of trouble for the old farmer. He longed to see them live in peace but they always threw cold water on his hopes. He was very anxious to shake off their laziness. But he did not find such chances till he fell seriously ill. When he was at the point of death, he sent for his sons. When they came to him, he said, “My boys, a large treasure lies hidden in our field. But I am sorry I cannot tell you the exact place where it is buried, for I don’t remember it. You can find it if you try.” Saying this, the old farmer breathed his last. After a few days, they decided to find out the treasure. They turned up every nook and corner of the field to a great depth. But they did not find the treasure. They cursed their dead father. But they did not know that their field had become very fertile by their thorough search of the treasure.

Do Not Find Fault With the Ways of God Story

Once a stag was drinking water at a pool. He saw his reflection in the clear water of the pool. He was greatly pleased to see his beautiful horns. He said in his mind. “How beautiful my horns are!” Suddenly he caught sight of his thin and ugly legs. He felt sad to see them. He said to himself, “How unlucky. I am to have such thin and ugly legs! Would that my legs were as beautiful as my horns!” As he stood there thinking sadly, he saw some hounds coming towards him. He ran to save his life: His nimble legs, which he hated so much, carried him away from the hounds. Unfortunately, his horns were caught in a bush. He tried hard to free himself but in vain. Soon the hounds came up and killed him. Moral: Do not find fault with the ways of God. All that Glitters is not gold. [ PDF Download ]

The Miller and the Donkey Story

An old miller and his son were taking their donkey to the market. They were walking on foot. When the people saw this, they laughed and said, “Look at the fools! They have a donkey but do very far, when an old woman passed by them. She said that the son should not ride on the donkey when his old father was on foot. The boy got down. Now the old man rode on the donkey. Soon they met à man. He called the father unkind to his son. The old man felt ashamed and asked his son to ride behind him. Within a few minutes they met a group of young girls. They said, “You are very cruel to ride on such a weak donkey. Now it would be better for you to carry this animal”. The old man was ready to please them too. They tied the legs of the donkey and carried it on their shoulders. When they were crossing a bridge, the donkey was frightened. It fell into the river and was drowned. The poor fellows had to suffer a loss. Moral: It is difficult to please everyone. There are as many opinions as men. [ PDF

Try, Try Again Short Moral Story

King Robert Bruce ruled over Scotland. Once he was defeated by the English. He ran for his dear life. His enemies followed him. He hid himself in a cave. When he was lying there, he saw a spider that fell from its web. It tried again and again to reach its web, but it fell every time. It tried nine times but failed. The king thought that the spider would try no more. But it tried once again. This time it reached its web. It gave the king a new hope. He said to himself, “When this small insect can succeed by trying again and again, why should not I try once again and succeed?” He came out of the cave. He gathered a large army and attacked the English. This time they fought very bravely and defeated them. Moral: Try, Try again Never lose heart [ PDF Download ]

Virtue Never Goes Waste Moral Story

Virtue Never Goes Waste (200 Words) Once there was a slave. His master was very cruel. He was sick of him. One day, stealing a chance he ran away into a jungle where he found a lion. The slave was frightened. He tried to run away but the lion followed him. He looked back and noticed that the lion was limping. The lion raised its paw. The slave saw a thorn in it. He made bold went near the lion and pulled out the thorn. The lion heaved a sigh of relief and went on his way. Soon after, the slave was caught. He was to be put before a hungry lion. As soon as the lion was let loose, he rushed at the man. He lay down on the ground and began to lick his feet. It was the same lion out of whose paw he had pulled out a thorn. The people were astonished. He narrated the whole story to them. Hearing this strange story, the master set him free. Virtue Never Goes Waste (300 Words) Kindness is a noble sentiment. There is an ancient story which shows that even the fierce animals are affected by kindne

Three Friends and a Bag of Gold Story

One day three friends set out on a journey. When they were passing through a forest, they saw a bag lying on the ground. They picked it up and were over-joyed to find it full of gold. They decided to divide the gold equally among themselves. They were hungry and tired. So they såt under a tree and sent one of them to fetch food from a neighboring town. In his absence, the other two decided to kill him and divide the gold equally between themselves. The man who had gone to fetch food, was very greedy. He mixed some deadly poison in the food. He said to himself, “I will have the whole gold when they eat this meal. I’ll go to the town and start my own business with the gold I get.” when he came to his companions they killed him, but, when they ate the poisoned meal they also died. Moral: As you sow so shall you reap. [ PDF Download ]

The Dove and a Bee Story

Once a bee fell into a stream. It tried to get out of it, but the current was too strong to let it escape. A dove flew by. It saw the drowning bee. The dove immediately brought a large leaf from a tree and dropped it near the bee. The bee climbed on the leaf. The dove flew with the bee in its beak. Some time afterward the dove was sitting in a tree. A hunter happened to pass by with a gun. He took aim at the dove. He was just going to pull his trigger when the bee flew to him and stung him at his hand. The gun went off but missed the dove which flew away. The bee saved dove’s life because the dove had saved a bee’s life. Moral. Do Good, Have Good [ PDF Download ]

Any Excuse Is Good Enough for an Evil Doer Story

Once a hungry wolf was drinking water at a stream. He saw a lamb drinking water far down stream. The wolf was greatly pleased to see it, and decided to eat it. He went up to it and said angrily. “Why are you making the water muddy. Don’t you see that I am drinking it?” The lamb began to tremble with fear, and said, “You can see that the water is flowing from you to me, sir. How can I make it muddy?”. The wolf was greatly ashamed to hear that answer. But he said, “Why did you call me names last year?” “You are mistaken, sir. I am only six months old. Then how could I call you names last year?” replied the lamb. “Then it must be your mother,” replied the wolf,” and you must be punished for her fault”. Saying this he jumped upon the poor lamb, tore it into pieces and ate it up. Moral: Any excuse is good enough for an evil-doer. [ PDF Download ]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race Story

Once a hare and a tortoise were fast friends. They always lived together. Once the hare was in a good mood. He made fun of his heavy pace simply to tease him. The tortoise took it ill and challenged him to run a race. The swift-footed hare laughed at the challenge. He accepted it. Time, day, and the track were fixed. On the appointed day they lined up on the starting point. One of them said, “One, two and three and they started. The hare took a few hops and was soon far ahead of the tortoise. He lay under a cool, shady tree to rest and soon fell asleep. The tortoise walked on slowly but steadily. He passed the sleeping hare. The tortoise was near the winning post when the hare awoke. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him but in vain. The tortoise had reached the winning post before him. The hare was ashamed and never again made fun of his friend. Moral: Slow and Steady Wins the Race. [ PDF Download ]

An Old Man and His Sons Story

An old man had three sons. They always quarreled among themselves. The old man tried to better their relations but in vain. At last the old man fell ill. He was nearly on his death bed. All the sons gathered round his bed. He asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. They obeyed him. He then asked them one by one to break the bundle. Every one of them tried his best but to no purpose. None of them could break the bundle. The old man smiled at their failure. He told them to untie the bundle and break the sticks one by one. It was quite easy now. Even the youngest son broke the sticks easily. The old man called his sons nearer and said, “Union is a strength”. The words were few but they had a good effect upon them. They began to live in peace and happiness after his death. Moral: Union is strength [ PDF Download ]

A Wood Cutter and the God Mercury Story

Once there was a wood-cutter. He went to the jungle, cut wood, sold it in the market and he thus fed his children. One day he was cutting some wood on the bank of a river. His axe slipped and fell into the river. He was very sad. The god Mercury appeared. He asked him. “Why are you sad?” The woodcutter said,” I have lost my axe with which I earned my daily bread.” The god was moved. He dived into the deep water and brought out a golden axe. The woodcutter refused to own it. The god dived again and brought out another axe made of silver. The wood-cutter refused saying, “My axe was not so beautiful.” The god dived for the third time and brought out an axe made of iron. The wood-cutter was delighted to see his axe and said, “This is my axe” The god was so pleased with his honesty that he gave him the other two axes also, as reward for his honesty. Moral: Honesty is the best policy [ PDF Download ]

The Fox and the Crow Story

One day a hungry fox wandered about in search of food. He reached a garden. There he saw a crow sitting on the branch of a tree. She had a big piece of cheese in her head. The fox’s mouth was full of that. He wanted to have that piece of cheese. He hit upon a plan. He said, “O! Crow, how shining your feathers are! You look very beautiful.” The crow was greatly pleased to hear these words of admiration. When the fox saw that his words had the desired effect he again said, “Your voice is very sweet. Will you, please, sing a song?” The crow opened his beak and began to caw. No sooner did she open her beak that the piece of cheese fell down on the ground. The fox picked it up and went away saying, O! Crow, don’t take the trouble to singing. I shall hear your song some other day.” The crow realized her mistake, and it began to repent over her folly. Moral: Beware of flatterers. [ PDF Download ]

Effects of Pollution Short Paragraph

Pollution can be loosely defined as anything that upsets or contaminates our ecosystem. There are many types of pollution that our mother earth is currently dealing with. If pollution weren’t a problem earth would’ve been a much better place to live in. Every year a substantial amount of money is spent on battling the havocs of pollution. Not only that, pollution is also vastly responsible for a number of ailments. One of the most important types of pollution is water pollution. It largely stems from industrial and sewage waste being dumped into large bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. Chemicals and toxins from industrial waste cause excessive harm to fish and marine life. When the same fish is eventually consumed by humans it can lead to grave consequences. In the past there have been many cases of mercury poisoning that were caused by contaminated fish. If clean drinking water gets contaminated by sewage water it can lead to a number of harmful waterborne diseases. [the_ad id=

My First Train/Plane Ride Paragraph

I was eight years old at the time. My mother and I were going to fly to Dubai for two weeks. Since my father was tied up at work he would join us after a few days. It didn’t take long to locate the international terminal at the airport. The security guard at the entrance checked our tickets and then allowed us to enter. My excitement was difficult to contain. This was going to be my first plane ride ever. Around me people were lugging their bags and suitcases or busy looking at their tickets. Mum and I joined a long queue to get our luggage passed through the X-Ray Scanner. I glanced at the monitor that one of the security personnel was focusing on. It seemed to show all the objects contained within a bag but in transparent hues instead of their original colour. I was fascinated but we had to move on. After a quick body search we finally headed towards the check in counter where we received our boarding passes. We were instructed to head towards gate number 19 within half an hour. With

Summer Vacations Short Paragraph

When the last day of school ended, I couldn’t keep my happiness in place. No more school, no more waking up at the crack of dawn and no more class tests. My parents had been just as excited as I and my two brothers were. They had decided that summer in Lahore was too unbearably hot, so a trip to the nearby hillside resorts was planned. Not only that, we were also going to make a stop at my aunt’s house along the way. Her children only seemed diminutive in size but in reality were the biggest troublemakers in our family, which is why I got along great with them. After we loaded our luggage into the boot of our car we headed off. Both my brothers were sitting with me in the back seat of our car. Arslan was busy munching on biscuits while Taimur was listening to blaringly loud music on his iPod. Meanwhile, I had my father’s camera in my hands. I planned to take as many photographs as I could along the way. After driving non-stop for four hours I was relieved when we finally reached Islama

A Scene at a Concert or an Athletic Event Paragraph

Turned around and looked at the crowd cheering loudly. Every seat in the school auditorium was occupied and many were simply standing in the aisles. I was fortunate enough to have found seats in the second row for myself and my friends. Var people in the audience were singing along even though their voices were crowned by the lead singer’s voice amplified a thousand times by loudspeakers. A small group of music enthusiasts had gathered next to the stage and were moving in tune to the music. The rest of the audience chose to remain close to their seats, occasionally clapping their hands or waving their arms. It felt as though everyone inside the auditorium was under some kind of a spell. The lead vocalist decided to engage his audience even more: “Are you with me?” he boomed into the microphone. The resounding roar and hooting from the crowd was what he had been expecting. He pushed back his sweat dripping hair and moved onto his next song. Disco lights shone on all the members of the

A Small Town Cemetery Paragraph

I was bicycling in a distant part of town when I came across a cemetery. A tiny wrought iron gate marked the entrance into what appeared as a small stretch of land. A street vendor just outside the gate was selling roses by the dozen both available as petals and as garlands. Many mourners presumably bought flowers from him whenever they came to visit their beloved deceased’s graves. I parked my bicycle next to the entrance wall and headed inside. I noticed that there was no symmetry to where graves were placed. It looked as though people had buried their loved ones wherever they had felt suitable. Each grave was accompanied with a marble slab of various sizes. I stopped by several gravestones and read the names of the people who were no more. It felt odd that these people who now lay buried had lived normal lives and gone about their businesses. On most of the gravestones the date of birth and the date of demise was mentioned. Several of gravestones also had Quranic verses inscribed o

A Person Who Helped Shape History Paragraph

One person who has always been a source of inspiration for the people of Indian subcontinent is the national poet of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. He was born in the pre-partition era and wrote extensively about the plight of Muslims, humanity in general and the various reasons for trouble befalling Muslims. His poetry gained popularity in the pre-partition era and was looked upon as a source of inspiration. His dream was the creation of Pakistan, an independent state in which Muslims and non-Muslims alike would have the freedom to practice their religion without fear or persecution. Even thou fully believed that the creation was Pakistan was imminent, he died before he could witness his dream. Essay on My Favorite Poet (650 Words) Allama Iqbal hailed from a humble background. He was from the city of Sialkot where his father was a tailor. After completing his intermediate education in India he later went abroad to study Law and Philosophy. It was at Cambridge, England that he became more re

Importance of Discipline in Life Paragraph

Discipline can be loosely defined as having the capacity to stick to a pre-decided plan or routine that is intended for one’s benefit, may it be health related or otherwise. In simple words discipline is the glue that holds our life together. Almost every day we wake up and follow a routine. Some of us go to school while others set off for work. Most of us have a set time for work, play, for our meals and also for sleep. We live by time and dates. If the concept of time suddenly vanished, we would be in quite a quandary. The significance of discipline in our lives can be gauged by the fact that discipline is an inherent part of the world that we live in. The earth makes a complete rotation in twenty four hours resulting in day and night. The dark of the night is used for recuperation while the light of the day is used for work and play. Similarly, different seasons result from the earth spinning around the sun in a fixed pattern. This allows us to determine when summer or winter w

An Art Exhibit Short Paragraph

One sunny afternoon my mother dragged me to Lahore Art Gallery for their annual art exhibition. As far back as I can remember my mother has always been an art aficionado and is often disappointed by her children’s lack of interest in art. Since I had nothing else to do that day I found myself accompanying mum on her excursion. We entered the century old building after climbing several steep steps. The original architecture of the building had been preserved, making it a relic among the contemporary buildings in its vicinity. Once inside it took a few seconds for our eyes to adjust to the dim lights inside. The walls of the gallery had been coated with a rich maroon colour that was a sharp contrast to the various paintings that were on display. Some of the paintings were life-sized portraits. One that particularly impressed me was a portrait of a young woman from Amritsar, India. She was heavily decked in crimson clothes and flamboyant jewellery. On her head she carried a large clay pot

A Street That Leads to My Home or School Paragraph

I got off the bus stop lugging a heavy laden school bag on my shoulders. I sighed and wished I didn’t have to walk a further ten minutes to reach home. I leisurely began making my way home. The footpath was a bit uneven in places and if I weren’t careful I might’ve tripped. A sudden barking interrupted my train of thought and I glanced over to my left side. A small white bungalow with a sloping crimson roof could be seen. Prominently displayed just outside the gate was a tiny white signboard that said “Beware of dog”. I decided to heed the warning and quickly moved past that house. The next few houses were similar to the ones I had just passed. In most of them I could spot an inflatable swimming pool lying in the garden. Inflatable pools had rapidly gained popularity as the temperature soared in recent weeks. One saintly person had installed a drinking water fountain outside his house from where I took a quick sip to soothe my parched mouth before heading on. In the distance I could sp

Responsibilities of a Good Citizen Paragraph

In today’s world, people are quick to demand justice for any misgivings that they may have been subjected to but are equally adept at avoiding their own responsibilities. A state cannot function without the support of its citizens. In many ways citizens are the backbone of a civilized society. Their attitude towards various responsibilities determines the success of a nation. First and foremost a citizen’s responsibility begins at home. One must ensure that the area one is living in is clean and well maintained. It would not do to have garbage and litter strewn across the streets. Not only it is unsightly but may also prove to be havoc to health. Therefore, garbage should be disposed of in a proper manner and not kept lying around. Cars should be well maintained to ensure that they do not emit more than a necessary amount of greenhouse gases. Essay on The Minorities in Pakistan Noise pollution is another important issue to be considered. Listening to music at a loud volume may be plea

A City Bus or a Subway Train Paragraph

It is a scorching day in the month of June when even the shade provides no mercy. I am on board a local bus that is headed to my village, Jahangirpur which is fifty miles from the nearest city. The bus is filled to the brim with passengers, some of whom are standing in the aisle, keeping their balance by holding onto either a metal bar or hanging straps lining the roof. With every lurch, passengers sway alongside the bus. Some passengers have chosen to slide their glass windows to let in the searing wind while others have chosen to shield themselves from it. The low cost of the bus ticket doesn’t cover for air conditioning. An elderly man takes out a water bottle and leisurely sips from it. His rugged brown face has seen many summers and this one is no different. He will bear it once more. Two seats away a crying infant hardly seems to be appeased by his mother’s futile efforts to calm him. After struggling for a few minutes he eventually settles down to suckle on his bottle. The Most

A Time When I Was Disappointed Paragraph

I stirred the boiling mixture once more and then added the final ingredient; a glistening crow’s feather that I had managed to acquire that morning. The simmering mixture began to change from a bright orange to a deep blue colour. It smelled faintly of roses but I eyed it with doubt. According to the book of potions I had found in my late father’s room, this potion would forever cure a werewolf. He or she would never again transform into a werewolf every fortnight after drinking it. However, for this to work, a werewolf had to drink it on the day he or she were born. I carefully poured the deep blue liquid into a small bottle and then headed to my room. I knew that the slightest mistake in making the potion could lead to disastrous consequences but I felt I had no choice. I had been a werewolf for as long as I could remember. Before every full moon I would helplessly change into a snarling wolf over whom I had little control. I have no memory of what happened the last time I transform

An Ideal Apartment Short Paragraph

There are a number of things that come to my mind when I think of an ideal apartment for myself. Firstly, it should be located in a serene and picturesque neighborhood and provide a gorgeous view of the city from its balcony. It shouldn’t be too far from the heart of the city so that it doesn’t take me too long to get to my workplace or to a shopping mall. More importantly, it should be located in a safe part of the city. I would want my apartment to be spacious with a living room, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen and a laundry room. The living room should be large with the walls painted the sky blue and the ceiling white. The ceiling should have a multitude of strategically placed lights that can be turned on to create different effects. There should be large windows with tinted glass and floral patterned curtains. A Waiting Room Paragraph The living room should have at least four comfortable leather sofas adorned with lots of bright cushions. Facing the biggest sofa wo

A Beautiful Winter Day Paragraph

I woke up that morning to find our entire neighborhood blanketed in pristine white snow. I thanked heaven that winter holidays had begun. It would’ve no fun to be cooped indoors on such a gorgeous day. I poked my twin brother Jamal to wake him up. His response was to cover his head with his blanket. Since I had no plans of wasting time in bed, I headed downstairs for breakfast. My younger sister Amal had already finished breakfast and began telling me about her plan to build a snow castle. Soon I found myself alongside Amal building a snowman. The idea of building a snow castle had been dropped for the time being because it would take too long. Even though a chilly wind tinged our cheeks pink we continued adding fistfuls of snow to our gradually building snowman. Essay on My Neighbours (600 Words) Across the road we could see that our neighbours’ children were on a similar mission. There was no way their snowman would be better than ours. To stimulate an atmosphere of competition, we

Ever Onward: Success Story of Asiad 1982 Paragraph

The fifteen-day sports festival Asiad ’82, hosted by the founder of the Asian Games, India and staged mainly in New Delhi, the capitałpf India’was a spectacular success and a memorable event. Everything went with clockwork efficiency from start to finish, from reception, housing, food, transport to the final conduct of the numerous sports activities themselves. India confidently staged the Asiad with 33 countries taking part, 5,000 players participating and sporting events running to 21 disciplines. India performed its ok with competence and efficiency and the world witnessed the spirit of the new youthful India with awe, admiration and a new respect. The various stadia, the Asiad village complex, the sprawling flyovers, the towering five-star hotels and many other engineering and architectural feats were achieved in a short span of less than two years using indigenous brains, talent, labor and skill. Architects drew vivid, imaginative, futuristic designs, engineers translated them int

Space Shuttle Challenger Paragraph

The U.S. space shuttle, Challenger, glided safely back on April 9, 1983 with a perfect landing on a desert runway. The four astronauts swooped through clear skies to touch down on a 4,500-metre-long concrete strip on California’s the Mojave Desert. The space shuttle Challenger, second ship in a fleet of four reusable U.S. spacecraft, lifted off the launch pad at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida at 1.30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (18.30 GMT) on April 5, 1983, cheered by an estimated one million spectators. Challenger, named after a U.S. navy ship that helped chart the far reaches of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from 1872 to 1876, carried the world’s largest operational satellite and four astronauts, commander Paul Weitz, pilot Karol Bobko, and mission specialists Donald Peterson and Story Musgrave. The 1.2 billion dollar spaceship began its inaugural flight after two and a half months of troubles. It was the most trouble-plagued launch of the shuttle programme, with leaks dev

A Family Tradition Short Paragraph

I remember how it all began. I was an eight-year boy at the time who was beginning to understand the ways of the world. I understood that three weeks ago my grandfather had died and gone to heaven. I knew this because my mother had told me when I had pestered her continuously about why he hadn’t taken me to Disneyland like he promised he would. My younger sister, Mahiyal didn’t understand where my grandfather had gone. Girls are a little silly, I learned from a very young age. Short Essay on If I were born again However, I never thought my grandmother was silly even though she was a big girl; even though I saw her crying in front of my mother shortly after my grandfather had gone to heaven. Later, when I asked my mother about it, she told me that my grandmother was sad that my grandfather had gone away. I was also sad that he had left without even saying goodbye. The next Sunday while I was busy trying to make a kite, I saw my mother’s car pull up in our driveway. My mother had gone t

What You Consider Heaven on Earth Paragraph

If I were made to name any place as heaven on earth, it would undoubtedly be my grandparents’ home. They live on a small but picturesque farmhouse located on a hill. For as long as I can remember I have spent at least a month there every summer. I can’t think of a better place to be where I would be surrounded by tall pine trees and an endless array of fragrant flowers and be pampered everyday by my adoring grandparents. The cherry on top of the cake is that they also own a few horses. My favourite among them is a mare called Chestnut, who has a silky auburn coat to suit her name. To be riding Chestnut and feeling the cold wind on my cheeks in early morning makes me feel as though fresh energy has enthused my body. Only after this experience I am able to do justice to my grandmother’s hearty breakfast of spicy omelettes and mango milkshakes. The rest of my day usually passes by in a flurry of activity either engaging in board games with my cousins or accompanying my grandfather as he

A Person Who Intimidates Me Paragraph

If I believed in reincarnation, I would’ve thought that my mathematics teacher, Mr Karim would have definitely been a gladiator in ancient Rome, in his previous life. Though he has silvery hair, age hasn’t mellowed his appearance at all. In fact the deep wrinkles and crow’s feet around his eyes make him seem menacing somehow. His posture is ramrod straight and often makes me wonder if it is uncomfortable being that stiff all the time. When Mr Karim enters our classroom, he walks in as though the leather briefcase that he carries contains highly confidential government documents instead of our test sheets. One stern look from him is enough to silence the entire class. Even the most disobedient students dare not defy his authority. To suit his personality he has a loud, resounding voice that carries itself well to every corner of the classroom. [the_ad id=”17141″] He teaches mathematics with the passion a warrior would have before heading to war. If any student fails to achieve a passing

The Most Beautiful Sight I Ever Saw Paragraph

As I stepped through the sliding glass doors of the hospital, I was welcomed by gushing rain pouring from a sea of angry, gray clouds. Some people were clutching umbrellas while others were drenched to the bone. All of them seemed to be in a hurry, either to get into the hospital or to leave the hospital. I had no reason to be in a hurry. I smiled at my daughter as we waited for my son to bring our car so we could go home. I looked once more at the chaos the storm had brought. It felt like the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. I had just been discharged from the hospital where I’d spent the last four months confined to a bed. For a month of that time, I had been in coma but for the remaining three months I was conscious and aware of what was happening around me. The only dilemma was that I was suffering from a rare disease that had zapped all my strength. I could barely move my arms without getting tired. Everyday I would wake up wishing that I hadn’t. Autobiography of a Hotel Boy –

A Sad Day in My Life Paragraph

When I came back from school that day, I felt as though something was missing. It was after a while I realized that my cat, Paws hadn’t come bounding towards me when I had come home. Nor had he been circling my legs during lunch hoping for some scraps. I wondered what new mischief he was up to as I settled down to watch television. I knew he would be back in a while, cuddling next to me. When two hours had gone by and there was still no sign of Paws, I asked my mother if she had seen him. She said she hadn’t seen him since morning when he had climbed out through an open window. I headed outside to look for him. He was nowhere to be seen. Just as I was about to go over to my neighbours’ garden, I spotted his black tail behind a guava tree. Even though I was relieved to have found him, I marched over to him to give him a piece of my mind for making me worry so much. It was only when I reached the tree that I realized his tail wasn’t moving. In fact Paws didn’t even move a muscle as I rea