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Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - The Prophet of Islam

Before the advent of Islam, Arabia was inhabited by warring tribes, whose inter-tribal feuds lasted for generations, and at times culminated in bloody conflicts in which hundreds of precious lives were lost. Idolatry was prevalent among the Arabs and the sacred house of God built by Prophet Abraham housed hundreds of deities of demigods which were worshipped by the Arabs. They suffered from false sense of prestige and killed their female issues remorselessly. The Arabian society had degenerated to its lowest depths-feudalism was at its zenith and the poor were ruthlessly oppressed and exploited. Justice was denied to the weak and the maxim “might is right” was at no other time more applicable. In such a gloomy atmosphere which had encompassed pre-Islamic Arabia, there glittered a light in the birth of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Never before or after any individual placed in such adverse circumstances had so completely purged his society of the multifarious deep-seated evils, giving

Speech on School Life and College Life

Outline: Both are formative phases: mutual compensation Charms and pains of school life Marked changes in the college Academic and extra-academic life in both are different Which one better? difficult to make a definite answer: both have their respective good and bad sides Feelings of post-student life: both school and college memories equally dear School life and college life are two phases in the formative period of one’s life. Viewed from a distance both school days and college days assume the appearance of lost Arcadius. The impressions gathered in the school, though immature, remain in one’s memory as engravings on granite, never to be wiped off by the vagaries of time. In the college, the school-time gaiety may be slightly sobered; yet the novel sense of freedom, responsibility, and maturity, tinted with pride, highly compensate for the little loss. Children are admitted into the school at an age between 5 and 8, the time when their minds arc tender and extremely receptive. Then

Speech on Hostel Life

Outline: Introduction: relation of the hostel to college in the west and the cast Hostel life furnishes a memorable experience The perpetual flow of life in the hostel Blessings of hostel life: extensive education both theoretical and practical opportunities for expressing creative energies Evils of hostel life Conclusion: role of the hostel in higher education: the condition of hostel life in our country The hostel is an inseparable part of the college. Every educational institution worth the name has one or more of them, where a large number of students are accommodated. In the advanced countries, most of the colleges are residential, hostel life forming an integral part of college life. In the East, however, the economic condition of the students does not permit compulsory residence in hostels were, therefore, only a small percentage of the students can afford to live. Nevertheless, in these countries also the hostel occupies an important position in higher education. Students who n

Speech on College Life

Outline: Introduction: a land of dreams: freedom, personality and self-respect: an entirely new life radically different from school life Academic and extra-academic opportunities Character-mold college infuses consciousness into human forms Inter-mixture of liberties and responsibilities To a schoolboy, the college is a land of dreams, where freedom from the iron discipline of the school sweetens every breath of life. The long years of school life, with red-hot eyes and cracking whips all around, appear to him like a long spell of intolerable winter wherefore his stricken soul socks relief. This he cherishes to find in the college where he believes perpetual spring to be reigning. Naturally, therefore, the first day in the college brings him the same message of hope and cheers as the first southern breeze, announcing the end of winter, brings to the frozen buds. As the newcomer enters the college gate for the first time, his heart swells up with a proud sense of personality and self-

Concept of an Islamic State Speech

Outline: The cause for the movement of Pakistan Two types of states Islam embracing individual, communal and national activities Holy Prophet (PBUH) the greatest reformer The sources of Islamic law Eternal Message of Islam The election of chief executive in Islamic law Tackling the new emerging complex economic and social conditions in Khilafat-e-Rashidah The idea of Brotherhood The meaning of Shria Two important conclusions Basic and fundamental concepts of an Islamic state Nass injunction constituting the bed rock of all Islamic thoughts The responsibility of Amir in Muslim state Islamic state must be a free and democratic state The equality of all human being Conclusion The raison d’eter for the creation of Pakistan was the desire of the Indian Muslims of pre-partition India to preserve and protect their Islamic traditions and heritage and to conduct their affairs in accordance with the Islamic values. The movement for an independent Islamic State Pakistan would never have acquired

Speech on A Happy Life

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum. Everyone in this world craves for a happy life. Happiness is just a state of mind. It is very difficult to define happiness. Sometimes happiness is related to material glory and splendor. Sometimes it is associated with the health of a man while to others it lies in a sort of contentment with whatever one possesses. People crave for happiness. Happiness to them is just a good and comfortable dream. The manner of living has various gradations and standards. Everyone, thus, has his own concept of happiness. But one thing is very clear that every man is dissatisfied with his present lot and condition. One always wants more and more. A squatter lying on the roadside may be aspiring for a hut; a hut dweller may be aspiring for a house; a house owner may be aspiring for a beautiful bungalow while a bungalow owner may be aspiring for a posh residence and so on and so forth. Take the life of a poor man. It is an admi

Nationalism: Origins, Evolution and Future Essay

Outline: Nationalism, the salient feature of the modern world The emergence of Nationalism in Germany Different definitions of Nationalism The emergence of new ideas from the concept of Nationalism Nationalism, virtue or vice Nationalism assuming the shape of a religion Origin and evolution of Nationalism Deutsch’s view Smith traces the origins of nationalism in previous ethnic Identities The cause of powerfulness of Nationalism Smith’s four causes of this powerfulness Future prospects of Nationalism, permanent phenomenon or a temporary sentiment Arguments are given by the advocates of internationalism Conclusion Introduction Nationalism is the salient feature of the present day world. It emerged in Europe in the 17th Century and thereafter spread all over the world. It had reached to considerable maturity till the start of 20th century as it gulped Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa in addition to its basis in Western Europe. It has been an extremely elusive concept changing forms while

Dignity of Labour Essay

Outline: Work, a God’s gift Work generating optimism The recognition of the dignity of labour All works are admirable Mental and physical labor Work for the love of work Blessings of work A golden example Work is indeed God’s gift. Without it, life will become meaningless, flat, a useless thing. Work, here, does not stand for every sort of activity. Only useful and noble activity is a blessing. Negative action is a curse. Work is the prerogative of intelligence, the only means to manhood, and the measure of civilization. The sweeper’s work is as much sacred as that of either a lawyer or a shopkeeper. Joseph Conrad rightly remarked, “A man is a worker. If he is not, he is nothing”. In fact, a man cannot live without work. A busy man is a healthy man. Idleness tells upon health. Even the persons blessed with supernatural powers do some sort of work in order to avoid boredom and sickness. Men do not break down from over-work, but from worry and dissipation. Work always generates optimism.