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We have great pleasure in presenting The College Study for the students worldwide. It is concise, comprehensive and dependable. This website is intended to serve as complete and self-contained work on essays, paragraphs, speeches, articles, study helping notes, history, letters, stories, grammar, quotes, applications, information technology, media, science, and miscellaneous topics. It should also serve as a handy compendium for all graduate and post-graduate college students. In preparation of this website, the authors have been guided by the following considerations:
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  • That the presentation of the website should be methodical and help the students to cultivate the habit of forming their own ideas with the help of given topics here.

Application to the principal, requesting to change your section

The Principal, Govt. College. A. B. C. (City) Sir. With due respects, I wish to state that I have been directed by my class teacher to file an application for the change of section. I have recently joined the college as a I was residing in a different city prior to my admission here. I was awarded a scholarship there being a topper. I was placed in the section D here, but sorry to say that it is not meant for hard working students. I find all the students inattentive and gossiping even during the lecture. It becomes very difficult to concentrate on the lecture. On the other hand, teachers do not take pains to clear the concepts. As a result, my queries remain unanswered. Under such circumstances, how can I be able to produce results? I request you to change my section from D to A with immediate effect. I have learned that the atmosphere there is very conducive to studies and teachers also take extra pains to help their students. If you grant my request, I assure you that I will produce

Application to the principal requesting him to grant you sick leave

The Principal, Govt. College A. B.C. (City) Sir, Respectfully, I wish to state that I am a student of Intermediate Part-I in your esteemed institution. I have been suffering from high fever for the last three days. In the beginning, I thought to recover soon but in spite of the best treatment, the fever is not getting down. My doctor is of the view that complete bed rest is essential at least for a week for the restoration of my health. He has warned me that any fatiguing work will worsen my health. I would be highly thankful to you if you kindly grant me a week’s leave from 20th to 27th April 2018. The medical certificate and prescription issued by the doctor are attached for your kind perusal. I hope my request will be granted. Thanks in anticipation. May 15, 2018. Yours obediently, X.Y.Z. [ PDF Download ]

Important Guess Paper of Biology F.Sc 2nd Year

As the time of examination comes nearer, the fever becomes higher. Especially for Inter students, the examinations are unwelcome. Every province in Pakistan has its own boards, under which annual examinations of the year 2019  were conducted according to the Biology paper assessment scheme . The detail of intermediate and secondary education boards are given as: Boards of Punjab Bise Lahore  Bise Multan Bise Sargodha Bise Bahawalpur Bise Sahiwal  Bise Gujranwala Bise Faisalabad Bise Rawalpindi Bise DG Khan  Bise Federal Boards of KPK Bise Swat Bise Peshawar Bise Kohat Bise Abbottabad Bise Malakand Bise Mardan Bise Bannu Bise Dera Ismail Khan Boards of Sindh Bise Sukkur Bise Karachi Bise Hyderabad Bise Aga Khan Bise Larkana Boards of Balochistan, AJK, Islamabad Bise Quetta Bise AJK Bise Turbat  Allama Iqbal Open University Bise Gilgit Bise Baltistan  Bise Mirpur Bise Azad Jammu And Kashmir Previous years papers of SSC 12th class are very important for the incoming students because of

Short paragraph on disarmament in English - Definition, Importance of disarmament

The foremost issue in international affairs today is the fear of another war. Whether we can avert war and bring about lasting peace to the world depends on whether the nation of the world is prepared in all sincerity to stop their mad race for armaments. The question of disarmament has become all the more urgent with the coming on the world scene. of the atom and hydrogen bombs. If another war comes, it will be a total war, which may well bring utter destruction to the world and ruin the proud structure of modern civilization. We are told that there is no effective protection against the hydrogen bomb and millions of people may be killed by a single explosion, and many more injured. Many more will be condemned to slow death or live under the shadow of the fear of disease. Many eminent people have warned the world of the dreadful features of the hydrogen bomb. Prof. Einstein said: “Radio-active poisoning of the atmosphere, and hence annihilation of life on earth, has been brought withi

Paragraph on Town Life and Country Life

Villagers have advantages which we cannot have in towns. Fresh air, simple living, and beautiful natural surroundings make country life very attractive. Everything is so fresh. There is no smoke, no dust, no overcrowding, and suffocating. It is true that Pakistani villages are not mostly clean, as they ought to be, and the houses also are not so well-built, but the villagers spend most of their time in the open air, in the fields, and under the trees. The well with the cool shade of the Neem trees and the music of the wheel is an ideal place for a poet. The villagers have no temptations. They have the freshest and best, though simple, thing to eat, and that is why they are so healthy, and seldom require the services of a doctor. They are strong and sturdy, and their red faces show that they have plenty of blood in their bodies. Their joys are also simple, and they are more frank and straightforward, and more sympathetic and hospitable than the city people. Their amusements are also sim

Early Marriage paragraph for class 8 - Download free in pdf

Marrying boys and girls at an early age, when their physical and mental faculties are yet immature, is bad. It is an injurious custom both for the individuals concerned and for the nation. The number of child widows in Pakistan is appallingly large, and in no other civilized country in the world is a sight too ghastly as this to be seen. Young men and young girls, who are not in a position to understand the duty of matrimony, and who are thrown together like toys by foolish parents cannot live long; at least they can never attain the full development of their powers. Their growth is checked, their health disappears, and instead of the bloom of youth. you see paleness on their faces. Sunken eyes, stooping gait, a listless manner, and stunted size are indications of the evil effects of early marriage. Designed by Fahad Sajid A few hours of false festivities in which the parents have foolishly indulged, and the silly pleasure which they feel at having seen their young children married bef

Short Paragraph on Technical Education

The paragraph on Technical Education (400 Words) Outline. The shortcomings of academic education. The remedy. Necessary for industrializing the country. A solution of the problem of unemployment. Progress of a country. It was Macaulay’s idea to impart education to Indian boys and to produce clerks, required for the Government Officers. In spite of the remarkable political awakening amongst Indians, the Indian Universities have unfortunately continued to be very faithful to the original idea of Macaulay and they continue to pour out’ an ever increasing supply of clerks even now. Fortunately we have come to realize that the academic, clerical or literary education given in our schools and colleges is not the only kind of education. The evil is much deeper. Our universities not only produce clerks, but also fill these clerks with a contempt for any kind of manual or technical work. They producly feel that those who have brains need not use their hands. As a result of this, Pakistani indus

Short Paragraph on Novel Reading

Reading of light literature is a useful occupation for leisure hours. It does not entail any great mental strain, and the reading provides the required relaxation and recreation. Good novels give us an insight into human character, and · an easy and interesting description of social problems. Social vices and defects are exposed, and we learn a good many practical lessons from novels. Of course, there are good novels and bad novels. The latter are very dangerous to morals. They rouse the passions, and create false sensations and excitement. This is bad for the normal and healthy development of mind. The exaggerated descriptions and vivid realistic pictures cause abnormal excitement, and thus the one great advantage of reading such books, that is, light refreshment disappears, and the low, artificial scenes, brought before the mind, absorb so much attention that we forget everything else. Reading of such low kind of books engenders a taste and a craving for morbid sensationalism, which

Short Paragraph on Female Education

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Women should be educated like men, otherwise, there can be no peace and no progress. If you yoke an unbroken horse with a highly trained one, the carriage will be dashed to pieces, and the occupants’ lives will be endangered. They cannot pull on, they will pull in different directions. The family peace cannot be preserved with such ill-matched life-long companions. Napoleon was once, asked what the greatest need of France was. He unhesitatingly answered, ‘Mothers’, National progress is impossible without trained and educated mothers. It is well said that if you train a woman, you train a whole family. Women is called the better half of man. It is a pity that this better half should remain in ignorance. Uneducated and ignorant women are a drag on society. The woman has the same mental gifts as man has; why, then, should she be deprived of the blessings of knowledge? Of course, the duties of both differ. Man’s duties are mostly public, thos

What is the scope of Teaching English language in Pakistan?

We live in two universes, a universe of communication and a universe of things, with which science deals. We are always talking or constantly listening. When no one is around us, we talk to ourselves. Words are the means by which our civilization is developed and passed on. Our language determines largely the character of our intelligence, our affection, and disloyalties. We live in words, are surrounded by them, and the only means we have to get outside of our own language so that we can even look at it is through the study of foreign languages. No one can know fully the features of his own language, its. qualities and defects, without understanding another language. Through foreign study, a person perceives how conventional language is and becomes conscious of the mechanism of his own speech. Without the knowledge of a foreign language, we are just like a squirrel in his cage. There are people who think that many philosophical, narrative and dramatic works can be handled in Urdu tran