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Essay on "A Nuclear World War Is No Longer Likely" for students in pdf

“Nuclear weapons”, says Bertrand Russell, “draw no line between the communists and the anti-communists. Only the ultra militarists, on the brink of insanity, who disdain the destiny of nations, hope they will manage to sit out in bomb shelters. But there is absolutely no shelter from nuclear bombs. If there is a full-fledged global nuclear war, there shall be no human civilization on this earth.” The former Soviet Prime Minister, Mr. Nikita Khruschev, addressed a press conference, some year. back, said that humanity had two alternatives either to follow the doctrine of peaceful coexistence or to perish in a nuclear war. According to his own version, the 100-megaton bomb, which Russia possesses, if used on Berlin, would devastate not only the whole of western Europe but also half of the Soviet Union and all the Eastern countries of Europe shall be wiped out of existence! Prof. Henrik Goullax, an eminent nuclear scientist, writes in Moscow Science One megaton bomb of the 100 type has for

Essay on "Problem of War and Peace" - What are the causes of war and the conditions of peace?

The protagonists of war have praised it to the skies, one of them going to the extent of saying “Peace is only a period of preparation for war”. War, they urge, draws forth the best qualities such as courage, patience, and sacrifice. Under the stress of war, many insignificant men suddenly spring into eminence by feats of valor and heroism. On the other hand, the supporters of peace denounce war ├ís inhuman and barbarous Human progress is not only arrested: rather the hands of the clock start moving backward. The angelic powers of man are overcome by the beastly powers. O men, wise men, Superior being, say Is there no substitute for war in this Great age and era? If you answer ‘No? Then let us rear our ch Idren to the wolves, And teach them from the cradle flow to kin. War poses a big problem to mankind today. It has been there as a terrible monster for countless generations, but never before in the history of man has it been so dreadful and devastating as today. The discovery of nucl

Student Unrest Essay for college students - Definition, consequences of student unrest?

Of late, recurring student unrest has become a major political problem in almost all countries that can boast of an educational system. Over the last few years, almost every other day we have been hearing of students being on the rampage in this country or that. In all corners of the globe, they have not only been agitating for educational reform but also coming out to strengthen political-economic and social protest movements. This is not to say that student agitations have always been purposeful. Quite often, students have taken to the warpath for causes which could hardly be described as worthwhile or, in some cases, even legitimate. All the same, irrespective of the nature of inspiration behind their agitations, the student-leaders have undoubtedly been successful in capturing popular attention, and this, in turn, has helped them to get results in quite a few cases, e.g. in Indonesia where they were instrumental in weaning the country from the path of communism which it had taken u

Essay on Modern Socialism - What peoples thoughts about Modern Socialism in Pakistan?

There are a hundred definitions of Socialism and a thousand sects of Socialists. Essentially Socialism is no more and no less than a repudiation of the idea of ownership in the light of the public good. We may review the history of that idea through the ages very briefly. That and the idea of internationalism are the two cardinal ideas upon which most of our political life today is turning. Human society grew by a compromise between this one’s property and that. It was a compromise with the instinct that was forced upon men by the necessity of driving some other tribe out of its visible universe. The hills and forests and streams were not your land or my land, it was because they had to be our land. Each of us would have preferred to have it my land, but that would not work. In that case, the other fellows would have destroyed us. Society, therefore, is from its beginning mitigation of ownership. Ownership in the beast and in the primitive savage was far more intense a thing than it i

What is communication | Definitions, Meanings, Importance of Effective Communication

Communication comes from the Latin word communis, which means common. When we communicate we are trying to establish a “commonness” with someone. That is we are trying to share information, an idea, or an attitude. At this moment I am trying to communicate to you the idea that the essence of communication is getting the receiver and the sender “tuned together for a particular message. At this same moment, someone somewhere is excitedly phoning the fire department that the house is on fire. Somewhere else a newspaper is trying to persuade its readers to believe as it does about a particular party. All these are forms of communication, and the process in each case is essentially the same. Some Definitions and Meanings of Communication A sending, giving, or exchanging of information, ideas, etc. A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior is also a technique for expressing ideas effectively in a speech. A giving or

What is the meaning of Journalism? - Definition of Journalism:

Journalism means writing newspapers or magazines. It is the communication of information through writing in periodicals and newspapers. The people have an inborn desire to know what’s novel or new. This curiosity is satisfied by a journalist through their writing in the newspapers and journals on current affairs and news. Definition The word journalism is derived from the journal, which means a daily register or a diary. Today the word journal also connotes a newspaper published every day or even less often or a magazine, Thus journalism means the communication of information reading the events of a day through written words, sounds or pictures. And a journalist is a person who writes for or conducts a newspaper or a magazine. He is also called a pressman. The earliest journalism is connected with periodical journalism. A periodical is printed at a regular and fixed interval. A periodical can be called a newspaper if it appears at least weekly in recognized newspaper format and has ge

Provincial Autonomy: Congress Rule And The War (1937-1939)

The Government had announced that the new Act (1935) would come into effect in April 1937. However, the part of the Act dealing with the Central Government depended on the condition that a sufficient number of States (as mentioned in the last chapter) would accede to the federation. As this did not happen, the constitution of the Federal Union, therefore, had to be kept in abeyance. In the meantime some important changes took place; Marquess of Zetland (Lord Ronaldshay) replaced S.Hoare as Secretary of State in June 1935, and Lord Willingdon retired and Lord Linlithgow was appointed as the Viceroy in April 1936. Zetland and Linlithgow were faced with a peculiar situation; J. Nehru as President of the Congress session of December 1936 declared that they would go to the Legislatures not to co-operate with the British Imperialism, but to combat the Act of 1935 and seek to end it; that they were not going to pursue the path of constitutionalism; that they would have nothing to do with offi