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BS IT 1st Semester Outline - Govt. Islamia College Civil Lines - Govt. M.A.O. Graduate College || Affiliated by Punjab University

 IT - 101 | Introduction to Computing: Topics: The Information Age, Computer Hardware, Introduction to Internet Explorer, Software, Central Processing Unit, Introduction to Microsoft Office, Input & Output, Storage & Multimedia, Microsoft Word, Computer Networks, The Internet, Spreadsheets & Business Graphics, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Excel, Database Management Systems, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Power Point, Introduction to Web Development, Introduction to HTML, Images & Links, Lists and Tables, Forms, Maps and Frames, Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage, Introduction to JavaScript, E-commerce, Security, Privacy and Cyber-Ethics, Introduction to Programming, Algorithms & Flowcharts, Variables & Data Types, Operators & Precedence, Conditional Statements, Loops, Functions, Arrays, HTML Tabular Data Control, New hardware/software technologies.  Prerequisites: None Text Book
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BS IT 5th Semester Outline - Govt. Islamia College Civil Lines - Govt. M.A.O. Graduate College || Affiliated by Punjab University

IT-301 | Theory of Automata (IT): Picture: Topics: Formal language, Defining Language, Regular Expression, Finite Automata, Transition Graphs, Kleene’s Theorem, Finite Automata with output, Regular Languages, Non-regular Languages, Decidability, Demonstration Of JFLAP, Context-Free Grammars, Grammatical Format, Pushdown Automata (PDA), CFG=PDA, Non-Context-Free Languages, Context-Free Languages, Decidability, Turing Machine, The Chomsky Hierarchy. Prerequisites Discrete Mathematics  Text Book: Daniel I. A. Cohen “Introduction To Computer Theory”, 2nd Edition John Wiley, ISBN 0- 471-13772-3, 1996  Reference Books: John C. Martin “Introduction to Languages and The Theory of Computation”, 2nd Edition McGraw Hill, ISBN 0070408459, 1997  John E. Hopcroft, Rajeev Motwani and Jeffrey D. Ullman “Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation”, 2nd Edition Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0201441241, 2000  Harry R. Lewis and Christos H. Papadimitriou “Elements of Theory of Computation”,

Essay on the quote by Samuel Johnson "Patriotism is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel"

This statement of Dr. Samuel Johnson is a half-truth, told in the form of an epigram. If patriotism is the first urge of the best, it is sometimes the last resort of the worst people in the world. If the history of patriotism were written, it would be found to be essentially a Roman virtue. ‘Pro Patria Mori' is a Latin phrase from Horace, the famous Latin poet; it means to die for one’s fatherland. Bertrand Russell in an essay, while tracing the origin of Western civilization, observes that the ancient Romans were the first to develop the conception of loyalty to the state and self-sacrifice for the country’s cause. It is, however, a mistake to think that patriotism was the monopoly of the ancient Romans. In ancient times, Darius the Great of Persia, fired by the ideal of patriotism, led huge hordes against the Greeks in revenge for the interference in Asia Minor in the fifth century B.C. Alexander of Macedon also was inspired by the lofty ideal of patriotism when he undertook worl

There Are Two Sides To Every Question Essay

There is a story told in verse about that curious kind of lizard called the chameleon. Two friends talking about it almost quarreled about its color, one saying it was blue and the other swearing it was green. While they were arguing, a third man joined them and he said they were both wrong. He had caught a chameleon the night before, and it was black. All three went to see it; but when its captor took it out of the box where he had put it, lo! and behold it was not blue, or green, or black, but white! The explanation, of course, was that a chameleon has the stranger power of changing its color to suit its surroundings. So at one time, it may appear blue, at another green, at another black, and at another white. So all were right, and at the same time wrong. In the same way, truth is many-sided and different people see different sides. so every question has at least two sides. Narrow-minded people can see only one side, and it takes a broad-minded man to see both. Consider the differe

A Righteous Man Regardeth the Life of His Beast Essay

Outlines: Introduction Cruelty often due to thoughtlessness The killing of animals for food Conclusion In England, the cruel treatment of animals is a crime punishable by law and there is a “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” which does good work in bringing brutes who maltreat dumb creatures to justice. The Bible says, “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast”, thus making kindness and justice to domestic animals an essential part of human virtue. Those animals, such as the horse, dog, donkey and mule, which men have bred and trained for their own use have a special claim on our mercy and justice; the more so as they are dumb and helpless in our hands, and cannot plead their own cause. The man who starves his horse beats his dog or unmercifully overloads his ass is a brute and a bully. He is also a fool for even a selfish slave-owner knows that it is to his own advantage to have slaves well fed and well cared for. And yet when we think of what many of these dumb

life is all about action - Essay with Outlines

Outlines: Introduction Advantages of contemplation A number of men contributed their lives for humanity and were in action in while of their life Conclusion This famous quotation from the German poet and Philosopher Goethe contains a valuable idea. Life is not just a reverie, a dream. It is much more than that. It is action, endeavor's great and heroic deeds. Without energetic action, life would stagnate. Without true deeds, life would become static and would lose much of its charm. A life of thought and reflection would be quite futile if the thought never emerges to issue in practical action. This does not, however, mean that contemplation has no place in life. Contemplation induces peace of mind, tranquility, and contentment. Great ideals are usually a product of contemplation. Practically all the germinal ideas of the world have come from thinkers and Philosophers with whom contemplation was a habit. Without mature reflection and cool deliberation, nothing should be done. Medit

Essay on "A Nuclear World War Is No Longer Likely" for students in pdf

“Nuclear weapons”, says Bertrand Russell, “draw no line between the communists and the anti-communists. Only the ultra militarists, on the brink of insanity, who disdain the destiny of nations, hope they will manage to sit out in bomb shelters. But there is absolutely no shelter from nuclear bombs. If there is a full-fledged global nuclear war, there shall be no human civilization on this earth.” The former Soviet Prime Minister, Mr. Nikita Khruschev, addressed a press conference, some year. back, said that humanity had two alternatives either to follow the doctrine of peaceful coexistence or to perish in a nuclear war. According to his own version, the 100-megaton bomb, which Russia possesses, if used on Berlin, would devastate not only the whole of western Europe but also half of the Soviet Union and all the Eastern countries of Europe shall be wiped out of existence! Prof. Henrik Goullax, an eminent nuclear scientist, writes in Moscow Science One megaton bomb of the 100 type has for

Essay on "Problem of War and Peace" - What are the causes of war and the conditions of peace?

The protagonists of war have praised it to the skies, one of them going to the extent of saying “Peace is only a period of preparation for war”. War, they urge, draws forth the best qualities such as courage, patience, and sacrifice. Under the stress of war, many insignificant men suddenly spring into eminence by feats of valor and heroism. On the other hand, the supporters of peace denounce war ├ís inhuman and barbarous Human progress is not only arrested: rather the hands of the clock start moving backward. The angelic powers of man are overcome by the beastly powers. O men, wise men, Superior being, say Is there no substitute for war in this Great age and era? If you answer ‘No? Then let us rear our ch Idren to the wolves, And teach them from the cradle flow to kin. War poses a big problem to mankind today. It has been there as a terrible monster for countless generations, but never before in the history of man has it been so dreadful and devastating as today. The discovery of nucl

Student Unrest Essay for college students - Definition, consequences of student unrest?

Of late, recurring student unrest has become a major political problem in almost all countries that can boast of an educational system. Over the last few years, almost every other day we have been hearing of students being on the rampage in this country or that. In all corners of the globe, they have not only been agitating for educational reform but also coming out to strengthen political-economic and social protest movements. This is not to say that student agitations have always been purposeful. Quite often, students have taken to the warpath for causes which could hardly be described as worthwhile or, in some cases, even legitimate. All the same, irrespective of the nature of inspiration behind their agitations, the student-leaders have undoubtedly been successful in capturing popular attention, and this, in turn, has helped them to get results in quite a few cases, e.g. in Indonesia where they were instrumental in weaning the country from the path of communism which it had taken u

Essay on Modern Socialism - What peoples thoughts about Modern Socialism in Pakistan?

There are a hundred definitions of Socialism and a thousand sects of Socialists. Essentially Socialism is no more and no less than a repudiation of the idea of ownership in the light of the public good. We may review the history of that idea through the ages very briefly. That and the idea of internationalism are the two cardinal ideas upon which most of our political life today is turning. Human society grew by a compromise between this one’s property and that. It was a compromise with the instinct that was forced upon men by the necessity of driving some other tribe out of its visible universe. The hills and forests and streams were not your land or my land, it was because they had to be our land. Each of us would have preferred to have it my land, but that would not work. In that case, the other fellows would have destroyed us. Society, therefore, is from its beginning mitigation of ownership. Ownership in the beast and in the primitive savage was far more intense a thing than it i