Essay on Importance of Discipline in Our Life in English

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There was a time when Anarchism had its advocates. By Anarchism, of course, they did not mean the emergence of chaos and disorder, a condition of society in which every man's hand is against his neighbor, and the strong are free to prey upon weaker mortals. They only meant that if we took courage to do away with laws, the golden age would once again be restored, and people, both individually and collectively, would fraternize with one another.

That was the innocent belief into which the Rousseau and the Godwin had reasoned themselves, the naive idealism into which the Shelley and the Condorcet had wandered on the wings of imagination. For it was an article of faith with these thinkers that left to himself, each man would be a perfect specimen of goodness, brimming over with human charity and goodwill.

This tendency has proved hectic or hysterical and unwholesome in its effects. If the wild impulses in human nature are not controlled or checked, restrained and sublimated, they produce not an only disorder in the social order, but considerable frustration in individual minds. Free expressions of individuals will lead to clash and conflict between one individual and another, and the ultimate effect is social disintegration. In such a state, no progress is possible at all. The urge for development is counteracted by the conflict of wills, and where energy is wasted in conflict, nothing remains to devote to the task of creation. It creates tension, uncertainty and ultimately disorders. But if the individuals or the nations control their individual impulses and eccentricities, obey a certain discipline, far reaching results may be achieved, leading ultimately to the welfare of the society and of mankind as a whole. The Islamic conception of life must be accepted all over the world if mankind is to survive at all. The basis of this conception is that an individual or a class must be controlled in the interests of the community as a whole.

Hence it follows that discipline has to be enforced on individuals, and they must be taught to obey the authority and to place the interests of the community above personal interests. The Holy Quran says
"O Ye who believe!
Obey Allah and obey the Apostle,
And those charged With authority among you Consult matters amongst you
and when you look decided
then leave on the God.
If ye differ in anything
Among yourselves, refer it
to Allah and His Apostle,
If ye do believe in Allah
And the Last Day:
That is best and most suitable
For final determination". (S.,IV.59) 
The words used in the Holy Qur'an are "obey ULIL AMR", means "those charged with authority or responsibility or decision, or the settlement of affairs". No doubt, all ultimate authority rests in Alla. Men of God derive their authority from HIM. So they do righteousness and never follow the path of disobedience. Islam expects every person to be imbued with righteousness. So we must respect and obey the authority otherwise there will be no order or discipline. Where in actual fact, there is a sharp division between law and morality, between secular and religious affairs as is the case in most of the countries at the present from HIRA' SH Militate authority rests in Alla Mundine settlement of affairs day.

Sometimes, the evil of indiscipline is created by the hypocrites. The type of these men is called Mr. Facing-Both-Ways in Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress". Such men declare that they are always with the RIGHT but calmly intrigue with EVIL and INJUSTICE to undermine the authority. The best of true FAITH is not mere lip profession but to find no difficulty and no. resistance to the joyful acceptance.

Discipline means the training of the mind so as to make it accept willingly the control of rules and regulations or orders. The great nations of the world attained greatness by subjecting themselves to the most rigorous discipline. The ancient SPARTANS and the followers of Islam in the great days of the Caliphate insisted on the need of leading a controlled life. They knew that without strict control, man's energies often go to waste in useless, undirected efforts.

Discipline is necessary, in the first place, for one's moral life. Self-indulgence is a natural temptation for all men. Our senses crave easy satisfaction. But if we give way to this craving, we will in course of time think of nothing but this. It is the easier path, the path of pleasure as it were strewn with flowers, but ultimately it leads to failure, disappointment, and misery. Therefore, we must learn to keep our passions under control. We can do this in two ways;

  • We must accept a noble ideal. 
  • We must accept the guidance of our chosen leaders. Pursuit of an ideal will remove from the mind the longing for personal pleasures.

Man is better than animals because man is ready to sacrifice all the pleasures of life for a noble cause. In every organized effort, where many take part, there must be one person in command. To submit to the orders of this leader is no shame: rather it is the noblest virtue. At school/college, we must submit to the discipline of the teachers on the playground, of the captain; at home, of our superiors. Whenever we are inclined to rebel against this discipline, we should remember,
"He Alone Can Command Who Knows How to Obey"
Under the strictest control, if it is to do any real work, for example, if a man reads a few pages of one book today and of another tomorrow, he will not learn anything. But the man who accepts discipline in his intellectual pursuits is sure to achieve
"some work of noble note"
Discipline is necessary in our spiritual life. If we admit the existence of an immortal soul, we must recognize the activity and development of this soul. The spiritual activity must be guided according to a system. This is religion; this is the meaning of the ascetic self-denial in the pursuit of God.

No great work can be done without a strong sense of discipline. For the soldiers who march to the battlefield:
"Their's but to do and died"
For the young man who responds to the call of country, there is the supreme need of subordinating his own impulses and desires to the direction of some higher body. For the student, there must be respect for the control imposed upon him by his institution. For a teacher, it is paramount to obey the commands of his principal, Of course, it is not pleasant and often extremely irritating: but after all to accept discipline distinguishes a man from an animal and leads him to the road to success. Self-control, obedience, single-minded devotion to duty, the capacity for self-sacrifice - these are the virtues fostered by a sense of discipline.

Some misguided people think that discipline is merely a slavery. They forget that discipline has a higher object in view. Slavery is blind subservience to the master's will. The slave is not expected to know why he is to act in a particular way. But this is against the spirit of discipline, for true discipline lies in a conscious subordination of self to the achievement of some higher purpose.

To accept discipline is by no means very pleasant. It means a surrender of personality that is irksome to the strong-willed. It involves foregoing of personal desires that is often extremely annoying. But it is unpleasant if we think only of our own self. Discipline has an uplifting effect on the character. A person who does not obey discipline, according to Einstein belongs
"to the herd of swine, wandering aimlessly and disorderly".
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Honey Notes: Essay on Importance of Discipline in Our Life in English
Essay on Importance of Discipline in Our Life in English
short essay on discipline in english importance of discipline essay in 500 words value of discipline essay essay on discipline in school essay on discipline in student life importance of discipline in school importance of discipline in school student life few lines on importance of discipline
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