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We have great pleasure in presenting The College Study for the students worldwide. It is concise, comprehensive and dependable. This website is intended to serve as complete and self-contained work on essays, paragraphs, speeches, articles, study helping notes, history, letters, stories, grammar, quotes, applications, information technology, media, science, and miscellaneous topics. It should also serve as a handy compendium for all graduate and post-graduate college students. In preparation of this website, the authors have been guided by the following considerations:

That the language should be simple, idiomatic, clear and straightforward.
That the presentation of ideas should be easy and comprehension for the students concerned.
That it covers a large number of topics so that with the suitable adjustment you could be used this content for various purposes.
That the presentation of the website should be methodical and help the students to cultivate the habit of forming their own ideas with the help of given topics here.

10th Class Pak Study Guess Paper 2020

Chapter (History of Pakistan-II) Short Questions Write two benefits of Nationalization of Industries in Bhutto government. Describe any two labour reforms of Bhutto era. What was the limit of the agricultural land which Bhutto fixed for the individual holding? Write any two positive impacts of nationalization on Education. Why is the 1973 Constitution called federal constitution? What is meant by “Lahore Declaration”. Write two duties of Union Council. Under which amount were Habib bank and UBL privatized? What is meant by Local Government? Why did the President Ghulam Ishaq khan dismiss the Benzir Bhutto Government? Write two measures taken for women in Musharraf Govt.? In which election was graduation made conditional for the candidates? Long Questions Explain the nuclear program of Pakistan. Explain the efforts made for islamization between 1977 and 1988. Describe the important aspects of the 1973 Constitution. Chapter (Pakistan In World Affairs) Short Questions Write the definit

10th Class Islamiat (Compulsory) Guess Paper 2020

Hisa Awal Surah Ahzab (Short Questions) Write down importance of drood and Salam on Rasool (S.A.W) in the light of Surah Al-Ahzab. Explain the concept of “Khatm-e-Nabowat” in the light of Surah Al-Ahzab. Write down the names of four in the light of Surah-Al-Ahzab. Write four qualities of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) stated in Surah Ahzab. To whom Allah promised of great reward in Surah Ahzab! What manners have been told to the Muslims to go the Holy prophet’s (S.A.W) House! Allah Almighty has called his Rasool with some titles. Writes any two titles. What did Allah Almighty say about hypocrites in Surah Ahzab! What instructions have been given to the Muslim women about veil in Surh Ahzab! What special order about divorce has been stated in Surah Ahzab! What command has been given about adopted sons in Surh-e-Ahzab? What type of warning and news have been given to the hypocrites in Surah Ahzab! What is mentioned about day of judgement in Surah-e-Ahzab. Which orders have been advised to the

9th Class Islamiat (Compulsory) Guess Paper 2020

Hisa Awal Surah Anfaal (Short Questions) Write number of rukus and verses of Surah-E-Anfaal. What is meant by “انفال”. What is meant by “یوم الفرقان”. What method has been mentioned in Surah Anfaal for the distribution of booty? Which virtues of the believer have been described in Surah Anfaal. What position of faith of the believers in there when the Quranic verses are recited? Which two groups have been mentioned in Surah-E-Anfaal? Whose people are meant by “شر الدواب”. What order has been delivered by Allah Almighty about the preparation of Jehad. What was shown in a dream to Holy Prophet (SAW) at Badr? What was the reaction of satan on seeing the Angels in the Battle of Badr? What type of gratuity and favor have been mentioned in Surah Anfaal by Allah Almighty for the success of Muslims in Badar? How Allah has helped Makkah’s Muslims? What did the infidels do to prevent the people from the way of Allah Almighty? How have the unbelievers been warned in Surah-al-Anfaal? Which things