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Suggestions for Improvement in Judicial System Essay

The Government has accorded priority to streamlining the judiciary, a step long-awaited and presently hailed by the masses. The public reposes confidence in the Government, due to its result-oriented policies saved the country from economic collapse. It is true that the poor have not yet received the benefits of his policies and has promised that the masses will benefit financially in the near future. Poverty alleviation is the government’s top priority. Fortunately, it has found time to address the core issue of reforming judiciary, which needs a major surgery and blood transfusion to make it operational and more efficient. Our judicial system, by and large, is based on laws prevalent during the imperialist days but modified to an extent under the Pakistan Penal Code to give them better cosmetic look. The system has failed to deliver, as it should have. For a poor man at the grass-root level a litigant goes in and out of court in the hope of getting quick justice. The common man feel

Islam and Democracy Essay

Outline Introduction Relation of Islam to democracy Slavery is a natural institution Western-type of definition of democracy Magna Carta Free world The sovereignty of belongs to Allah Islam abolish monarchy The system of pious caliphate State and society in Islam Fundamentals of the Islamic constitution Islamic democracy differ in modern democracies Imperialism and democracy Conclusion The things that concern man most vitally are the most difficult to define. Who has ever succeeded to offer a definition of religion that would satisfy all creeds and all sects and all philosophers of religion? The difficulty is not less in every single religion, great or small. The hundreds of Christian sects would define Christianity differently, every one considering some one or more traits as essential constituents of it while the other would regard them either un-Christian or of secondary importance. Islam is proverbially reputed to have seventy-two sects though it would be difficult for any research

Speech on Role of a University

Outline: Introduction: historic role of the university Functions of the university: the spread of ideal education: social responsibilities Direct sphere of activin: the indirect sphere of activity Necessary conditions are guaranteed the university Conclusion In the present set-up of human society, the university occupies a position of unique’ importance, by virtue of the historic functions that have come to devolve on it. Its importance has particularly grown beyond all proportions since the time when the basic criterion of national greatness began to shift from wealth to culture. Since then no other institution has exercised more influence in guiding the present and molding the future of any nation nor has earned it greater honor from abroad. What we find England to-day, nationally and internationally, is largely the contribution of her Oxford and Cambridge. The vast colonial empire of Great Britain has collapsed her naval or industrial supremacy, no longer exists but universities sti

Speech on Literature & Education

Outline: Two aspects of the question: academic and extra-academic For long literature monopolized education: challenge arose recently with the growth of science and the problems of existence Literature is of high existential utility too: it perfects education: all education should have the touch of literature because it is the grammar of human nature Extra-academic utility of studying literature The relation of Literature to cducation is to be judged in two aspects. Firstly, what is the place of literature in education as it is given in the academic sphere? Secondly, what role Literature plays in extra-academic education. The first is a question of ascertaining the position of Literature, that is, to determine the degree of emphasis to be laid on it. while formulating the curriculum of national cducation. The second relates to the appreciation of the contribution that the study of Literature makes in lending perfection to the academic cducation imparted in schools and colleges. As to t

How to Remove Mass Illiteracy Speech

Outline: Illiteracy; one of the major ills: need for literacy General schools cannot help: a new set of schools needs Scope of such schools Compulsory and free primary schools What type of mass education should be given? Arrangement of teaching more visual aids than theoretical lessons: course must be short Conditions for the success of mass literacy drive Illiteracy of the general mass is one of the major ills from which country suffers in common with other backward countries. The necessity of giving some education to one and al cannot be disputed, for has been recognized as the birthright of every individual in a free state. Mass ignorance defeats all attempts at progress and darkens the of the nation. Nothing can be pleaded as an excuse for keeping an in a gloom, state of semi-blindness, helplessly groping in the DUComh of ignorance, superstition, and fear. The sooner illiteracy it emoved the better it will be for the individual and the community to at large. The schools we have at

Medium of Instruction Speech

Outline: Introduction: a peculiar problem faced by Pakistan: different with that of India: yet a latent problem: largely a problem of higher education Two solutions suggested: retention of English not acceptable: why not: difficulties of introducing Urdu No third alternative left: hence Urdu with safeguard No real solution but a compromise: accessories may be worked out in course of time Unlike any other country of the world, Pakistan is faced with a peculiar? question of determining the future medium of her public instruction. True it is that India too is confronted with the same problem. But hers is not so difficult as that of Pakistan and not also of the same nature. Because India has one single state language for the whole country and can conveniently fall back upon Hindi, her lingua Franca, as and · when English is dislodged. But in Pakistan, we have two recognized state languages. Hence the patent solution of teaching through the state language does not apply to our problem becau

Scientific Versus Literary Education Speech

Outline: A controversy of recent origin Advantages of literary education Advantages of scientific education Controversy settled: supreme lav of necessity: the craze for scientific education Need for synthesis The contest between scientific and literary education is of comparatively- recent origin. For centuries after the idea of education was born, education was understood to mean literary education, concerned entirely with the study of the various branches of arts. In those days man had no knowledge of Science, much less any sense of its utility. Even for years after its inception, Science had only a minor place in the curriculum of studies, the privileged position still belonging to Literature and Language, History and Philosophy. But in the middle of the 19th century, the balance of the scale began to change rapidly. As a result of spectacular developments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the study of Science assumed growing importance day by day. And since the dawn of the 20th ce

Speech on Co-education

Outline: Introduction: a living controversy: nature and extent of the controversy Arguments against co-education: dangers of free mixing: need of the separate type of education for girls Advocacy for co-education: an inescapable economic expedient Synthesis consideration of the issue on practical grounds Safeguards to be provided Conclusion: need of a trial One of the living controversies of our time, particularly in our country, is co-education, by which is meant the education of boys and girls under the same roof. The issue is perfectly settled so far as primary education is concerned. In the college and the university stage, it is passively tolerated. But in the secondary stage co-education is actively opposed. In fact, the controversy about co-education all over the world mainly centers around the secondary stage of education. Even in those countries, notably the USA, where co-education has been introduced in all stages of public instruction, its soundness in the second stage is be

Speech on An Ideal College

Outline: Introduction: the age of ideals Essentials of an ideal college: assets and equipment: situation: routine: class arrangement: extra-academic pursuits: academic atmosphere Conclusion Ours is an age of ideals. To seek to achieve perfection in every sphere of life is the order of the day. As in politics, we have been striving to establish an ideal form of Government, so in education, there is an unremitting endeavor to introduce an ideal pattern of instruction. The concept of ideal college is a necessary outcome of this endeavor because ideal institutions alone can carry out a plan of an ideal education. The question of an ideal college is inseparable from the question of the ends of education. Since education is primarily concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, it is said that the supreme purpose of education is to help the flowering of the mind” and “the creation of finer human hunger” . This view of education is, however, correct only in part because it tends to disregard

Speech on Debating in College

Outline: Introduction: age of controversy: supremacy belonging to good debater: mastery over debating comes through training and practice Debating in college: how organized and conducted: interesting features Benefits of college debates Requisites of successful debating in college Conclusion We live in an age of controversy. Our whole social fabric seems to be bound up by a chain of conflicting views and opinions, each competing for superiority over the rest. Whether in a family gathering a party meeting or in a sitting of the Parliament, so where anything is found to be accepted until its validity has been thoroughly debated upon. And in this whirlpool of conflicts, those who want to hold their own and convert others to their points of view, must of necessity be first-rate debaters, combining arguments with appeals, cogency with eloquence and excelling in smart repartee and good-humored rebuff. But this mastery over what is known as the art of debating is not an entirely innate facult

Speech on The College Union

Outline: Definition: distinction with trade union History of development: present status Composition and election Functions: finance and source of powers Utility and importance of college union: demerits Conclusion College Union is the name that has come to be given to an elected body of the students of a college, designed to organize them into a compact form with a view to enlisting their effective participation in the administration of the extra-academic affairs of the college, read more of accommodations for the students living situation at . Though the idea seems to have been borrowed from industrial trade unionism and the nomenclature suggests a similarity with a labor union, there is yet a sharp difference between the two. While a trade union exists outside the framework of the industrial organization concerned and functions exclusively to safeguard the interests of its members as against the conflicting interests of the employers, the College Union