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Short Paragraph on A House on Fire

Outline: Fire is a product of city life. Means of extinguishing fire. Description of a house on fire. Help and rescue work. I do not think we have heard of many instances of fire breaking out in village. It is true that when a fire breaks out in a village, it soon goes beyond control, because there are no means of extinguishing it. I am rather inclined to think that fire is one of the worst evils that came upon us when we gave up our villages and started staying in closely packed houses in the cities. Short Paragraph on Courage (350 Words) Necessity, it is said, is the mother of invention. When there were many cases of fire, ways and means of extinguishing it and controlling it were invented. Accordingly, we find fire engines, brigades and stations located at important points in a city. I once saw a house on fire. It was a huge tall three-storeyed building. Clouds of smoke were coming out. Cries of help came out as people ran out in confusion, gathering their children, calling out name

The Value of College Education to a Policeman Paragraph

Outline: Pakistani policemen on the whole. Present-day crime detection needs good brains. Finding the criminal. Treatment of the prisoner. A present-day college education: does it help. Good university education and how it could help? Pakistani Policemen on the whole: That the average policeman is badly in need of some sort of education hardly requires any explanation. The behavior which an ordinary pedestrian, cyclist or even motorist receives at the hands of traffic constables is wellknown, often a lathi charge resorts to peaceful processions. Crowdsone dispensed ruthlessly and rashly on the face of it, it is uncalled for. The police force in all nations must of necessity at times use force, but it should be a last resort, and not an intimidation measure. Present-day crime detection needs good brains: Today crime itself has become so scientific that it needs a special brain to detect it. The old type of illiterate and hefty policeman will find himself baffled before the scientific an

Letter to the DHO for Opening a Medical Centre in Your Locality

Examination Hall, A.B.C. (City). September 05, 2019 The District Health Officer, Lahore. Dear Sir, Subject: Request to open a well-equipped medical Centre in your area. Our area is a newly developed Colony of the city. It is far away from the main town. w Still local transport is not frequently available. With the passage of time this residential area is expanding fast. As more and more educational institutions are opening their branches in this area, more people are shifting to this place. This is a neat and clean area, really ideal for having a residence. Numerous facilities are available here. But it has its problems too. The main problem is that there is no medical centre of the government sector here. The nearest one is at a distance of eleven kilometres. In case of any emergency, we have to depend on the private medical centres of this area.[the_ad id=”17141″] it is a well-known fact that the maintenance of health is getting costlier with every passing day. Private medical centre

Essay on Pakistan and Afghan Relations

The United States forces are not comfortable in Afghanistan despite their decade-long occupation. The resistance posed by the Taliban is growing tougher and tougher with every passing week. The chances of the American Success are apparently decreasing. The story of the American invasion seems to meet the same fate that was once the doom of the British or the Russian forces. A famous English movie “ Remnants of an Army ” presents the sorrowful tale of the British retreat from Afghanistan during the nineteenth century. The British forces were logistically better placed because India was under British rule. The border was common. So was the case during the Russian invasion of the twentieth century, while the United States is hundreds of miles away from the Warfield. Naturally, it is urging Pakistan to give it the required logistic support. The Pakistani government is virtually left with no option other than bowing before the will of the US. Our rulers are caught between two fires as the p

What Makes a Good Student? Paragraph

The ideal student is regular and punctual in his work. He does not waste his time in idle gossip or frivolous pursuits. His whole time and energies are devoted to the acquisition of knowledge, and the formation of good habits and character. The ideal student must be an early riser because a lie-in bed fellow can never make satisfactory progress in his studies. He will bathe and say his prayers, and then begin the day’s work with a definite programme. He will attend his lectures in time, and while innocent fun is not forbidden, he will have nothing to do with the wicked jokes of mischievous hoys. He keeps aloof from had companions and chooses his friends with care. The true aim of education is to form character, and a good student will never neglect the opportunities which he has of forming good habits under the guidance of his parents and his teachers. He will discipline his body and mind, and learn those things which will be of use to him in after-life. An English writer says, As I lo

Paragraph on the Advantages of a Military Life

Outline: Military training disciplines our life. Man becomes adventurous, daring, and straight forward. He learns to obey and command. One knows that his life is dedicated to the service of the country and this makes him face death courageously. One’s sense of honour is developed. Military training disciplines our life: To belong to a martial race is a credit not only in Pakistan but all the world over. The martial races are known for their strong physiques, their valour, and straightforwardness. All these great qualities they learn from active service. They know how to kill their enemy in war and how to entertain him merrily on the same table in time of peace. Man becomes adventurous: Military training teaches a man to do the right thing at the right moment. It dins into his ears the importance of time which should never be wasted. If the soldier arrives at his place one or minutes late he may lose his life because the enemy may have taken advantage of this delay on his part. The sold

Short Paragraph on if I Were a King

If I were a king, I would, like Amanullah of Afghanistan, order reforms to be carried out at once in all departments of administration, in the social and economic life of the people, though, in doing so, I may become unpopular like him. The masses are ignorant. They require guidance, and may be forced to adopt new ideas, and give up old and rotten customs. I look upon a king as the servant of his people, on whom God has placed a very heavy burden. He is entrusted with the care of so many human beings, not for his glory and self-enjoyment, but for their service. It is his sacred duty to look after the true welfare of his fellowmen even by sacrificing his own personal interests. I would, first of all, remove all distinctions of caste, rank, and class. Rank is hut a guinea’s stamp, And man’s man for all that. All human beings are equal, and all artificial distinctions set up between class and class should be removed in a free society. My next reform would be the removal of illiteracy from

Short Paragraph on Dignity of Labour

Man’s first disobedience in the eating of the fruit of the forbidden tree brought upon him the curse of God which was to the effect that he must earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. Labour, then, being ordained by God, to which all human beings are subject without exception, there can be nothing shameful or undignified in it even if it be. To suppose that the labour is demeaning is only a false sense of prestige. Far from this, manual labour raises one in the estimation of all right-thinking men and should be pursued by all if they mean to be respected and independent. In this world, nothing can be had without labour. In fact, it is labour and industry which has contributed to the progress of civilization. Where would the world have been to-day if no one had worked, but had only formulated theories? If, after the discovery of the power of steam, no one had laboured to build the steam engine or the steamship, could it have been possible for us to have the network of railways which n

Essay on Value of Games and Sports

Value of Games and Sports Essay (700 Words) A healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. In a weak body, there cannot be a healthy and active mind. And for a healthy body, physical exercise is a must. Without physical exercise, our body will grow weak, lethargic and dull. The aim of education is the all round development of personality. It cannot afford to neglect the physical aspect of the student. Development of mind and body are equally important in any good education. Want of proper physical exercise in the form of games and sports develops many mental problems. Mere intellectual attainment is not enough. Good health and sound body are also a must to face the challenges of life. Therefore, games and sports are an integral part of a college education. Education will remain incomplete without physical training and exercise. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a famous saying. After studies some kind of physical exercise, games, and sports are necessary. They refres

Essay on Pakistan of My Dreams

Pakistan is my beloved country and motherland. I am proud of Pakistan, its It has been great, wonderful and glorious past history, culture fascinating. Pakistan is the fort and heart of the Islamic world. We achieved Pakistan on the name of Islam, so that we may perform our religious duties freely according to our own will. Pakistan is now a free and sovereign country. It is an emerging world power. It occupies great strategic importance. Its natural resources and manpower are huge. Pakistan has been free for over 70 years. And yet it has not developed into a country of my dreams. There are many big problems to be solved. They include want of self – reliance on unemployment, poverty, illiteracy Communal tensions, riots, defense, overpopulation, corruption, regionalism, and terrorism are other big issues to be solved. The appalling poverty makes my heart bleed. The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. The majority of people live under poverty line. They are still starvation.

Essay on The Choice of a Profession

The Choice of a Profession Essay (300 Words) Outlines we should take proper care while choosing a profession how we should select a profession success in life depends on the selection of a suitable profession “We rise and fall in life according to our choice of professions.” We should be very careful while choosing a profession. If we choose the wrong profession, we are in difficulty afterward. We should select the one which may be the best for us and for which we may be fit. First of all, we should understand what we like from the heart. We should select a profession for which we have a natural liking. Secondly, we should also understand our ability to do what we choose. We should know clearly that if we choose a profession, we shall be able to read for it. A person may like the doctor’s job. But he may not be able to study the difficult subjects of medicine. Thirdly, we should know how much we shall be earning in the profession we enter. There are some professions in which a person c

Understanding Between the Police & the Public Paragraph

Outline: The object of police. The duty of the public. Educate the police and the public. The object of police: That the object of police is merely service of the people and country, is ordinarily ignored by the public. Neither do the police try to render this service in a spirit of fraternity and good will, nor the public takes them as guardians of public order and peace. People hate police machinery because they take it as an unnecessary check on their liberty. They nurse grudges against it because it does not let them do what they like. They think that policemen investigate crime in the wrong spirit. They do not have the idea of public order and commonwealth at heart. They employ ruthless methods in crime detection. The treatment shown to the public is ordinarily impolite and disrespectful. They are rarely approached in a courteous manner. They are mostly commanded in a very insulting way. That the police is usually impolite when dealing with the public is a well-known fact. It woul

Essay on Prize Distribution Function

A college is a big institution full of activities It is also like a very big family in which many functions are held. In my college, a number of is being held every year. Annual prize distribution functions one of them. It is very colourful, enjoyable and inspiring occasion. This year, it was held on 23rd of February. It was also the foundation day of our college. Long and great preparations were made for the day. The college building was given a fresh coat of whitewash. The furniture were all painted anew. The nameplates, signboards etc were rewritten and painted. New flower plants in pots were added and there was a lot of decorations. There were flower garlands and balloons buntings, big gates, festoons Every nook and corner was decorated. Invitation cards in bright blue letters were printed and sent to the invitees. The Director of Education was the chief guest. He presided over the function. He was received at the main gate by the principal and the staff members. He was garlanded a

Essay on A Road Accident

In a city like Lahore, accidents are a common thing. They occur daily and in increasing number. Many of them prove fatal. The roads of Lahore are not, as the number safe. They are not well maintained. There is much congestion . of vehicles is too much. The roads of the city are not sufficient to accommodate all of them. Moreover, there are many types of vehicles. The immense pressure on the roads of Lahore can be well imagined. People often violate is traffic rules and regulations. The public transport buses are the worst offenders. They have turned into killer buses. There is hardly a day when they are not involved in accidents. The other day I saw a horrible accident. It terrified and raised my hair on end. It happened before my own eyes and so suddenly and unexpectedly. It happened late in the evening. A public bus came running at a great speed; the driver lost its control and the bus entered right into the house of the colony. The gardener of the house who was standing in the garde

Short and Long Essay on an Ideal Student

Essay on an Ideal Student (700 Words) The main quality that makes a student ideal is study. He is genuinely interested in his books. He does not have to force himself to read. He does not require any external pressure. His parents need not goad him to study. His teachers are confident of his earnestness. He devotes most of his time to his work. He takes pleasure in his work., He does not allow any other activity to disturb or to distract him. An ideal student is, therefore, well-versed in his courses of study. He is hardworking and intelligent. He is conscientious. The reason is that he is regular in his work. He does not allow his work to pile up. He is attentive in the classroom. He takes notes and improves upon them at home. If there is any difficulty, he consults the teacher without any hesitation. Of course, he does not cram. Nor does the study only from the examination point of view. He, therefore, does not fear the examination. An examination offers him an opportunity to show an

Travelling Has Great Educational Value Essay

The value of traveling as a part of education is great. Books give the students the theoretical knowledge. It is a second-hand knowledge based on the experiences of others. Travelling gives students first hand and practical knowledge. Such knowledge is more valuable and permanent. Personal and practical experiences are never forgotten. They stand us in good stead throughout life. The value of tours, excursions,  expeditions during school and college days is of much practical importance. They strengthen learning and make education easy and entertaining. The lessons in history, geography, economics, science etc. can be best learned by traveling to historical sites places of natural interest, factories, great laboratories, and national institutions. Lessons in ecology, environment and forest preservation become easier by visiting slums, industrially degraded places and forests. That is why such a great importance is attached to educational tours, expeditions and excursions. The problems o

Essay on the Evils of Dowry

Pakistan suffers from many social evils and superstitions. Dowry system is one of these great evils. Dowry is given in cash and any other kind to daughter during her marriage. This evil is found and practiced in all sections and communities of the country in one form or another. With it are associated many other evils like greed, prejudice against women, ill-treatment of girl child, bride-burning, taking of bribes etc., so as to be able to give money etc. in the marriage of a daughter. Many young women commit suicide because their parents cannot afford to give dowry. In many a case, parents borrow money on the exorbitant rate of interest to marry off their daughters and spend the rest of their life in great misery It has become very difficult to find a suitable match for a girl without paying handsome dowry. It has soured the relations and there are tensions, ill-will, and disharmony in the families. Marriage has become a kind of business and exploitation of the parents of a girl. Pare

Essay on an Ideal Citizen

A citizen is a person living in a particular country and state. He enjoys there . He also has every right to certain social and political rights to participate in the voting, political system, and other affairs of the country. He has the liberty to follow and preach his faith, adopt a profession of his to the maximum. But right means duties also. He is bound to be faithful to the country and its people. It is his duty not to harm others and their religious sentiments maintain peace, law, and order. He has to obey the laws of that country. In a country there may live people of many nations and countries. But they all are not its citizens, for example, in Pakistan live many Americans, Russians, Chinese, English, and others. But they do not enjoy the status of Pakistani citizens. They cannot participate in elections. They cannot enjoy the rights, the privileges and freedoms as are granted to Pakistani citizens. Similarly, many Pakistanis live in many other countries but they are still Pak

Essay on Technical Education (650 Words)

Recently Pakistan celebrated its 70th year of independence. We celebrate it with zeal and yet there was little to celebrate. In spite of the 70th year of freedom, we have failed on many fronts. For example, the problem of educated unemployment has been on increase. Every year there are thousands of graduates and post-graduates turned out by our colleges and universities. But they fail miserably to find jobs. They remain unemployed mainly because their education and In spite of so much education, they are not capable of training is defective, to stand on their own feet . They cannot start their own business workshop or factory. They all run after white collar jobs. They seek only government and office jobs as clerks and bureaucrats. While free and independent, Pakistan need doctors, nurses, technicians, computer operators, teachers, pilots, scientists, mechanics, bankers and executives. Our education system is very defective. It needs to be made technical and job – oriented. It should b

Short Essay on Homework

Homework is an essential part of education. No system of education can dispense with it. But some educationists think there should be no homework at all. I think they are not correct. It is also wrong to think that teachers give homework just to keep the students busy and overburdened. The teachers themselves have to check and correct the homework. It means more labor and hours of work. Homework is important because it makes the students self-reliant. They do spoon at home and get rid of their homework independently feeding. In the classroom they get help from their teachers and classmates. Homework generates confidence, self-reliance and discipline. It develops the skills of doing one’s work oneself without any guidance and help. It is also a good exercise in consolidating what one has learned at college. Re-application and repetition are must in learning. It also shows what progress a student has made in his studies. The homework is checked and corrected by the teachers. The teachers