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Essay on A Rainy Day (500 Words)

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Here much depends upon monsoon and rains. Good and timely rains mean good crops and prosperity. Bad and poor monsoon means misery and drought. Rains are always welcome in Pakistan. They are awaited eagerly by all. Sometimes there are floods in some parts of the country. They cause a lot of harm. It was already the 15th day of August. The expected rains had not arrived. The onset of rainy season was delayed by a couple of People were feeling very uneasy and anxious. People often discussed weeks rains and weather. They often looked at the skies for rain-bearing clouds. The farmers prayed for the clouds and rains. It was sultry, humid and very unpleasant. The schools and colleges had already opened after long summer vacation. But the students could not pay attention to their lessons because of hot and humid weather. The fans did not provide any comfort. The relief was long overdue from hot season. Then one day, suddenly, the sky was overcast with dark

Paragraph on Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

We are less likely to do anything without proper need for it. It is the need that makes an invention possible. The ancients used to illustrate the fact that great need stimulates the inventive powers, by the story of the raven in a drought. This wise bird, we are told, found water low down in a hollow tree, but was unable to enter the narrow passage that led to the water. In this predicament it would have died of thirst, if it had not thought of raising the level of the water by dropping many stones one after another into the hollow of the tree. In this way it was able to drink water. The necessity of defence against wild beasts taught primitive man to make flint-heads for his weapons, to invent the blow-pipe and bow-and-arrow. The necessity of obtaining shelter against the inclemency of the weather taught him to build houses and clothe himself in the skins of wild beasts. As life without fire was almost impossible, he invented various ways of producing sparks by the rapid friction of

Some Interesting Place You Have Visited Paragraph

Outline: The approach of holidays. In the train to Rawalpindi. The toy railway. Arrival and after. The beauty of Murree. The Summer holidays were near. We were all tired of our work and studies. My father proposed that we should go to our native place during our holidays, but I suggested that we should go to some new place like Murree so that there might be some poverty and charm about our going out. To my great joy, father accepted my suggestion and we decided to go to Murree for a week. We started on the 20th July in the afternoon by Tezgam from Lahore. There was such a rush of passengers that we were afraid we would not get seats. My fears came out to be true. The Inter class compartments were practically overflowing with passengers. My father purchased second-class tickets, but even then, all of us could not have seats in the compartment. Instead of going back or going by the next train, we decided to travel that way thus beginning our romance in right earnest from the beginning. M

Essay on Pakistani Villages (500 Words)

The majority of the Pakistani population lives in villages. Pakistan is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture means greenfields and villages. Most of the Pakistani people depend on agriculture. There are thousands of villages spread over the length and breadth of Pakistan. A Pakistani village is a cluster of mud houses where a couple of hundred men, women and children live. Their houses are thatched with and such other material. The mud walls and floor are plastered hay with a cow. The people in the villages are utterly simple, honest, God-fearing and hard working. They depend on agriculture, labor and cottage industries Coupon for their bread and butter. They are still very poor, illiterate and superstitious. They are often victims of middlemen, shopkeepers, and landlords. They belong to weaker and backward sections of the society. People live peacefully together in the villages . The villagers enjoy many festivals , fairs There are often weekly markets . In some . and social ga

Essay on Work Is Worship (600 Words)

Work is natural. What would be life without work? An empty and useless existence. It is work that adds meaning to life. Without work, life is dull uninteresting, boring and monotonous. Man is blessed because he has work and activity. And no good work is ever lost. It results in rich fruits and rewards. Work is worship and holy service. An honest labour is also praise and prayer to God. Idleness is a curse. It degenerates life and causes frustration What man is today, he is because of hard work and continuous labor. Our and great civilisation , culture and history are the achievements of toil and sweat. Man is the crown of creation only because he is skilled capable of hard work but animals are not. His mind guides him to choose the right work and take to the logical conclusion. Work leads to success and happiness. Many great works of art the Taj Mahal, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids of Egypt or the big dams and irrigation canals are the results of

Short Paragraph on A Prize Distribution

The 5th of February was fixed for the prize-distribution in our school. As the Director of Education had kindly consented to preside over the occasion and to give away the prizes, great preparations were made for his reception. Invitations were issued to the local gentry, the approaches to the school were decorated with flower pots and huntings, and swallow-tailed flags waved in the air. The hall was very tastefully decorated with Union Jacks and photos of their Majesties. On one side, models of handwriting, drawings, maps, clay toys, and other things made by the boys themselves were exhibited. A raised dais was prepared at the furthest end for the President. To the right and left, there were tables for prizes, and chairs for distinguished visitors and the staff. The boys squatted on the floor. The various prizes were arranged on the tables. Books, clocks, medals, pens, pencils, and numerous other things handsomely tied with ribbons were very attractive. The boys in their gala dresses

Importance of Good Health Essay

Health is Better Than Wealth Physical fitness and health are of great importance. It is in the healthy body that a healthy mind lives. Without good and robust health, everything else becomes You may be rich and wealthy. You may have all the comforts meaningless of life but they are useless if you have poor health. A weak and sick person cannot enjoy anything. Without health, wealth has no value, no meaning. The real thing is enjoyment. If you cannot enjoy a thing, its possession has no sense. Only a healthy person can have peace of mind, success, and prosperity. “Health is wealth” is an age-old and famous saying. Another saying goes even farther and says, “Health is better than wealth”. Yes, a healthy man can live happily with his labors even if he is poor. Wealth and material possessions do not make a man happy. Happiness is a condition of mind and body. A healthy person can be at peace even without wealth and physical fitness. He who has health has everything. He is full of courage,

Essay on Morning Walk

There is nothing like a morning walk. It helps us in keeping physically fit and mentally alert and suitable for all kinds of people. It is a kind of light exercise. Young men, women, old people, and children, all can enjoy a morning walk. It is beneficial for all of them. In the morning the air is fresh, the atmosphere quiet and calm. It is the best time for a walk. A morning walk refreshes the body and mind as nothing else can do. In the morning, a brisk walk enables us to breathe in a lot of oxygen. It keeps us energetic, active and alert for the whole day. The doctors often advise their patients to have a morning walk. In the big towns and cities, people go for a morning walk in parks, gardens and other open spaces. There they tun, jog and take some other light exercise as wells. They can also have long walks on the roads. Then there is no traffic. It is the only time when people can have lot of fresh air. In the morning, the rising sun, the chirping of the birds and the calm atmosp

Essay on My Father's Profession

Lawers and Advocate are an essential part of our legal system. The whole system helps in maintaining the law and order. The lawyers are thorough professionals. They are expert in their field.  It is a challenging job and needs a sharp mind, argumentative skills, and aptitude for the court life. My father is a lawyer by profession. He has been in the profession for the last twenty years. He is well-known as a lawyer. He sits in his chamber and has three assistant lawyers and two helpers. He embraced the law as his profession in his early twenties. He graduated from the Punjab University and then did his L.L.B from the same University. A lawyer can specialize as a criminal lawyer, a civil lawyer, labour lawyer or as a constitutional expert. There are other specializations as well. The scope is very vast but challenging. There is much money for experts and hard working advocates. [the_ad id=”17141″] My father is a very busy man. He is busy at home as well. He never sleeps before eleven at

Importance of Tradition in National Character Paragraph

Outline: The past is a foundation on which the present and the future must rest. Traditions are the cultural heritage of a nation. It is our duty to honour these old traditions and work for newer and better ones which may be transmitted to posterity. Past-a foundation: The past history of a nation is always an inspiration for further progress. It represents certain standards of achievement and perfection in which every individual should desire to excel. In the field of sports, of chivalry, of administration, of scholarship, and so on we find the past transmitting to the present some standards of achievement based on years of experience, in the past. To honour these standards as the highest points which our ancestors could reach is our duty. They represent in other words milestones in human progress. Our modern civilization is based on the strong structure of our traditions. We have to accept them because they have passed the test of ages. We can question them privately in our own minds

Essay on Our College Library (500 Words)

The importance of college libraries is well-known. They play a vital role in education and learning. They promote self – study and reading habits cannot be achieved. They help the without libraries educational aims students to learn and gather information independently. It generates self-confidence and self-reliance. The students remain in the college for a limited time. The rest of the day they have to read and study books on their own. A good library is a big asset for a college. Our college library is very rich. It is housed in a big hall. There is a number. They are full of books on all subjects of big wooden and steel almirahs tools. There are dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and another reference They are well cataloged and alphabetically arranged. They are kept nicely and in good condition. There is a librarian, one assistant librarian and two helpers. They are always busy in their work. Then there are newspapers, magazines and periodicals. The books are on many subjects. They

Essay on My Ideal Character in History (450 Words)

History is full of heroes. It is natural for man to love great men. Carlyle has said that all history is the biography of a great man to love the great man. It is these heroes who determine the course of events. Their lives remind us that we can also make our lives sublime. A hero should be a man of character, he should have great courage and self-control. His personality should be very impressive. He should have the guts to lead others. In our history, there have been many heroes such as Khalid Bin Walid, Tareq Bin Ziad, Musa Bin Naseer, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Mahmood Ghaznavi. But my own hero in history is Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I like him because he had all the qualities of a hero and because he gave us Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on the 25th of December, 1876. He received his early education in a local maktab. Later on, he entered into a Missionary High School wherefrom he passed the Entrance Examination, in 1891. to England and returned. He was then o

Essay on My Favorite Game (400 Words)

Badminton is my favorite game. I like it the most. I play it in the leisure time in the morning and evening. I play it in my college and also at home. Before our house there is much open space in the park. There we have a badminton court. We practice the game in that court. This game was actually born a long time ago in the Sub-continent. From there it spread to other countries of Europe and Asia. Today it is very It is played both by men and women. It is a racket and shuttle game. The shuttle is hit by the players with their rackets in opposite directions. I was introduced to the game by my elder brother. Then I was just 7 years old. Now, I am captain of our college badminton team. We have won many trophies, shields, medals and certificates in team and individual events. Its appeal is universal. People like to play it or see it being played. It is becoming more and more popular on the international scene.[the_ad id=”17141″] It is a very interesting game, full of exciteme

Short Essay on Social Evils for Students

Social Evils Essay (500 Words) Today corruption is almost a world phenomenon. It is in fact, a universal problem having existed in all ages. It has clung to mankind like an incurable disease. In view of its general prevalence scholars have devoted a good deal of thought and attention, in a desire to get rid by any means.  In a free and competitive society, investment of capital can yield only reasonable returns in the long run. But corruption or acceptance of bribes promises a rapid change in financial conditions. Originally the Police and income tax were notorious for corruption but now the evil has spread to almost every Department of Government. Even courts of justice and education are no exceptions Prevalence of corruption has created disappointment and discontent in the community. The machinery of government gets rusted work in an intended manner. Corruption decreases and ceases to respect for law and sense of allegiance to the government. In a society governed by, corrupt officia

Co-education System in Pakistan English Essay

Co-education System in Pakistan (400 Words) Outlines for Coeducation System Co-education is very common in the world it’s benefits possibility or both male and female teachers to teach disadvantages of co-education when co-education can be successful on the whole co-education is useful “Co-education is welcome when it sets boy and girls to compete with each other intellectually and to learn jointly from the most learned or highly qualified teachers.” Co-education is very common in the world today. In many countries boys and girls study together in schools, colleges and universities, Co-education has a number of benefits. First of all, it gives a chance to boys and girls to study and work together. It brings them closer. They learn to co-operate. As a result, they can easily work together in offices, hospitals, factories and other public places to serve their country and nation.[the_ad id=”17141″] Co-education is of great benefit to the poorer countries. These countries cannot easily

Some Superstitions in Pakistan Essay

Some Superstitions in Pakistan Essay (500 Words) Superstitions have their roots in ignorance. They are the product of want of scientific knowledge. They are blind beliefs and faiths. Belief in supernatural powers, omens, magic etc, show our superstitions. They show our backwardness and lack of mental development. Thus, ignorance and superstitions go together. The more ignorant the people are, the more superstitious they are. They live in constant fear of ghosts, witches, magicians, and evil spirits. They are easily be fooled and exploited by clever and bad people in the name of God and religion. Superstitions are widespread. They are found almost everywhere. The difference is only of degrees. Even educated people are not free from superstitions. Women, children, the poor and backward are more superstitious than others. The fear of the unknown and ill-luck makes us victims of the superstitions. They turn all of us into cowards. When something cannot be explained or understood, people st