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Short Paragraph on Importance of Games

It is a common saying, “A sound body has a sound mind.” No doubt, the ideal of a good and perfect life is to have a good mind in a sound body. This is recognised by all as the best means of performing our duties. Body and mind should work at their best, and they cannot do so unless hoth are in good order. The limbs must be supple, active and obedient to the will. The best way to keep the limbs fit is to exercise them in sports and games of physical skill and strength. It is the cheapest way to keep our selves healthy. There is no society which has not its own special kinds of games. The proper end of games is bodily health and physical fitness. In the past, sports like hunting and fishing used to be mainly utilitarian in purpose. That is to say, men used to hunt in order to get food. But with the dawn of the Greek civilization, sports and games came to be looked upon as a means of building up the body beautifully. The famous Olympic Games, held every fourth year, were proof of importan

Education and the Role of State

Education is a social instrument through which man can guide his destiny and shape his future. An unenlightened mind is nothing but a sorry lamp to light the steps of any man or woman. In his famous book “Islamic,” Muhammad Marmaduke Pick Thal writes: “Neither the Holy Qur’an nor the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) ever contemplated the existence of an ignorant Muslim. Indeed, ignorant Muslim is a contradiction in terms.” He says “At certain period of their history, the Muslims began to turn their backs upon a part of what had been enjoined to them. They discarded half the SHARIAH – The part which ordered them to seek Knowledge and education and the Christians of the west about the; same time, began to act according to that portion of the Shariah which the Muslims were discarding and so advanced in spite of all the anathemas of their priesthood” In fact, our educational system has failed to achieve the objectives anathemas hot been able to change the society according to its cherished goal. Af

Short Paragraph on Life in a College Hostel

A college hostel is a sort of a world in itself. It contains countless types of boys. It also provides a field for the free play of those principles and rules which govern the world. The difference is that a hostel is a world on a smaller scale. in The life in a hostel is very pleasant and useful. It is an admitted fact that it trains a boy in an independent way of living. The boy has to lead his life separately in his cubicle. He is not led by the nose. He breathes the air of freedom. No parental control is there to sap his independence. All day long he is absolutely free to do what he likes. He is at liberty to acquire any habit or tastes which will stick to him forever. In this, he gets training for life. He must shake off all his shyness and learn how to cooperate with others. Life in the hostel is marked by a clock-like regularity. A student gets up at the proper time in the morning to take his exercise and say his prayers. He gets his meals at regular intervals. He plays his game

Short Paragraph on Students and Strikes

These days student strikes are a common occurrence and we hear news coming from all provinces and universities of strikes in colleges and sometimes even in schools, of various duration. In view of the phenomenon has become so common, especially of late, it behooves us to inquire carefully and searchingly into the causes of these commotions and as to whether they can be justified in any circumstances. The main cause that sets them going is some grievance, real or imaginary, against the staff or the management of an institution. Let us say at the outset that, unjustified though most students’ strikes are, in some rare cases they are justified and arise out of some gross act of mismanagement of affairs or some injustice. One really does not know what to advise the students to do in the case where the authorities may be irresponsible or despotic and ride rough-shod over the very reasonable demands made by the students. But not with standing these rare cases, which are so rare really as to

Paragraph on Home Life Vs Hostel Life

Hostel life, we have heard so often said, teaches how to live an independent life: It broadens the outlook. It cultivates fraternal feelings and does many other things. But one thing, is far more important than these, it cannot do. It cannot replace the wholesome influence of the parents at home an influence under which the soul rises to an angel’s stature and the mind wears its most noble aspect. It cannot make good the loss of the silent inspiration that we draw from them. It is no compensation for that live-touch of parental love which, under favorable circumstances, provokes what is best in us and restrains what is bad, Hostel life is a soldier’s life. It is hard, it is monotonous. And this monotony enervates us. Well has Keble said; Sweet is the smile of home, the mutual look When hearts are of each other sure Sweet all the joys that crowd the household nook, The haunt of all affections pure. [the_ad id=”17141″]All through the day, you toil hard in the college. You are often bored

Why Hostel Life is Better? Short Paragraph

Those who have not lived for themselves. can hardly imagine how much hostel life adds to the interest and variety of life. It is a mistake to regard it difficult or prosaic. Much of it is easy and interesting. A home-spun student knows very little of the ways of the world and still less of human nature and how to deal with it. He comes into contact with his class-mates only during college hours. When the academic atmosphere forbids those intimate relations which are essential to foster sympathy and fellow-feeling. A homebred boy reaches after years of one-sided education a condition of mind-blindness in which the truth about himself and the world is not recognized, though it stares him full in the face. In the home, wonder, awe, and curiosity have little room to develop. There is no doubt in the fact that in the hostel there is nothing to replace the wholesome influence of parents, the unconscious inspiration we draw from their magnetic personality and the healthy atmosphere produced b

Short Paragraph on Our Educational Problems

Problems are part of life, no doubt, but education has also fallen prey to problems. The present system of education is rotten to the core. It was designed to produce clerks for the East India Company and later on to supply a number of officers to run the administration. Since the creation of Pakistan, there has been a cry from the people that the prevailing system of education should be overhauled. But nothing has been done so far. Today we face many educational problems. First, our education is not based on Islamic principle. It is too materialistic in its outlook. The result is chaos in society. The students of today are disrespectful to their parents and elders. The present indiscipline in schools and colleges can only be cured if the students are made familiar with the Quran. We should base our education on Islamic Ideology. We should pursue western science, but we should not forget that we are Muslims. Now “Islamiat” as a subject has been made compulsory in schools and colleges.

Third Class Passengers in Pakistan Paragraph

Outline: Third class passengers comprise 90% of the entire number. Treated very badly and roughly by the railway staff. The condition of travel in the 3rd class must be bettered. There must be a civic minimum. Third class passengers: The poor millions of Pakistani bacon not afford to travel in any class higher than the third. There are very few who travel in second or first class. The higher class or the aristocracy is very limited in number. The masses are mostly agriculturists and extremely poor. Treated very badly: The treatment which is meted out to them is so rough and discourteous that a civilized or educated man can never bear. The poor Zamindar has by nature great regard for the ‘Sahib’ and tolerates these insults. The Sahib thinks no end of himself. He doesn’t behave as a servant to the 3rd class passengers who actually sustain the railway administration. If they struck travel by railway the conceited ‘Sahib’ would starve to death.[the_ad id=”17141″] The main cause of this cla

Letter to father about performance in December test

Examination Hall, A.B.C. September 7, 2007. Dear Father, I received your letter yesterday. I am glad to know that you are proceeding for ‘Umra’ next month. You have enquired about my December Test results. I am afraid, this time I could not live up to your expectations. I have got less than seventy percent marks. I do admit that it is a very low score for a pre-engineering student. I got the first position in the subjects of Chemistry and Urdu, but I could not do well in Mathematics and Physics. My score in these subjects is less than sixty-five percent. The reason for poor performance in these subjects was mine overconfidence. In the last test, I had got ninety-five percent marks in Physics and Maths. I thought that these were my favourite subject and I could repeat the same performance with very little efforts. So I did not prepare them well. Dear father, I confess that I Have suffered because of misplanning. Now I have decided not to take any subject easy. I have rescheduled my stud

Application to the principal for attending the wedding ceremony

The Principal, Govt. College, A.B.C. (City) Sir Most respectfully it is stated that I am a student of intermediate part I. The marriage date of my elder brother is fixed and it is exactly a week from now. I want to attend all the marriage ceremonies including Mehndi, Baraat, Walima and Maclawa. So I have to reach there two days before the fixed date. It will be so much fun because all of our relatives are coming, I shall not be able to come to the college for six days during the said week. Kindly grant me leave for six days. I shall be very thankful to you. May 15, 2018 Yours obediently, X.Y.Z. [ PDF Download ]

An application to the principal requesting to grant fee concession

The Principal, Govt. College A. B. C. (City) Sir, Most respectfully it is stated that I am a student of intermediate part I in this college. I belong to a backward area in northern Punjab. The living standard over there is very low. It was the dream of my parents to send me to this college for higher education. I am among the top ten students of the college. My parents are doing their best to meet the expenses of the college but the recent increase in the college fee is beyond their limits. Please grant me full fee concession. It will really be great favor because I don’t see any alternative to this problem. I shall be thankful to you in this regard. May 15, 2018 Yours obediently, X.Y.Z. [ PDF Download ]

Application to the principal for granting you character certificate

The Principal, Govt. College. A. B. C. (City) Respected Sir, It is stated that I am a student of intermediate Part I in your college. My father is a government servant. He has been transferred to Sialkot. All my family is planning to move there shortly and it’s not possible for me to stay in Lahore all alone. Therefore, I have planned to continue my further studies at Sialkot. To apply to any institute, I need a character certificate. Sir, as you know I have been a hardworking student at your college. I also took part in many co-curricular activities like debates, quiz programmes, and plays. My result cards, winning trophies, and certificates speak of my ability and talent. I have never been a cause of any misconduct. I scored 83 percent marks in the Send-up examinations and my teachers are very happy with me. It is my humble request that all these qualities and merits should be mentioned in my character certificate. Sir. I assure you that I will always try to uphold my good performanc

The Use and Abuse of Tongue Paragraph

In our French translation in school was the story of a rich man who was giving a great feast; he instructed his steward to prepare the very best things to be found. The day arrived, and the menu consisted of tongues served in every conceivable form. Another feast was forthcoming and the steward was instructed to provide the very worst things to be found-again he served tongues. Interrogated as how tongues were both the best things and the worst things, the steward explained that nothing in the world could do more good, and nothing in the world could do more harm. The human tongue can voice prayer and praise, or anger and anathema. “Keep the door of my lips,” wrote the Psalmist. Shakespeare said, “While thou livest, keep a good tongue in thy head.” Pope said, “There is but one way I know of: conversing safely with all men, that is by not concealing what we say or do; by saying or doing nothing that deserves to be concealed.” The Arabs have a proverb. “More than one war has been caused b

Short Paragraph on an Incident of My Life

There occur certain incidents in one’s life which imprint unremovable marks on one’s mind. Such incidents always teach us a serious lesson. I relate to such an incident. Once I set out on a journey from Lahore to Bahawalpur by the night train. When I got into the compartment, I little knew that the journey would produce an important incident in my life. I was feeling and happy. I was traveling in first class and so there were only a few passengers in the compartment. All went on well for some time. I enjoyed their company but at they all got down and took tea and edibles. It was midnight. It happened so that at about one O’clock I found that I was all alone in the compartment. When the train was about to start, a young smart lady entered the compartment. She thought a very clever plan of depriving me of my money and involving me in trouble which would have ruined my whole career. She now came to me and threatened that if I did not hand over to her the whole of the money I had, she woul