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Short Paragraph on A Trip to the Hills

During the spring holidays, we, a party of four, decided to have a trip to the hills, and as we had not much money to spend, we went by rail to Swat, and from there we started on foot. Our luggage consisted only of our beddings, for which we engaged two coolies. It was quite pleasant to walk through the mountainous country. In the beginning, up to a short distance, it was a bit dreary, but we soon found ourselves surrounded by verdure. We passed through high hills. Our route lay meandering round lofty rocks, and when we emerged into open space, the scenery was very picturesque. The green grass and evergreen bushes, and here and there a few flowers which covered the hillsides were very charming, indeed. The air was fresh and life-giving. At places, we had to cross mountain streams, full of limpid water. The yawning khuds added solemnity to the landscape. At stages, where we halted at the end of the day, we got milk, with salt pakoras and a loaf of brown bread, made a hearty meal for us.

Paragraph on Holidays and How to Spend Them

Holidays are meant for rest and recreation. The severe strain put upon the brain of students by having to remain constantly engaged in studies, during several months in the year, makes it necessary for the brain to have some rest. This rest is afforded by the vacations. The holidays should, therefore, be utilized in such a manner as to give some rest to the body and mind, for which they are primarily intended. This does not. however, mean that the days should be whiled away idly in sleeping and doing nothing else. Vacations give complete liberty to students, liberty from the dull routine of college and liberty from daily duty and responsibility, but in enjoying this liberty they should be methodical. Recreations like walking in open air, rowing, and playing recreations and some good game should be among the daily pursuits. Books should not altogether be avoided. Some reading, without over-burdening the mind, should be done.[the_ad id=”17141″] Old lessons done in college should be revis

Paragraph on the Value of Literature in Education

The educative value of literature cannot be denied. Real education does not mean passing a few University examinations, Education is not simply equipment to enable us to near our means of livelihood. True education lies in the development of one’s intellectual, more and spiritual faculties. Mere knowledge of facts is not true education. A truly educated man is he who knows himself and his position and duties in this world. Literature in education plays an important role in the development of our faculties and in the building of our character. The two broad types of education prevalent in the civilized countries of the world are vocational education and liberal education. Vocational education imparts knowledge of some are which helps us earn our living. It is a liberal education that serves the purpose of education in the true sense because it helps us to develop all our inner faculties. People usually criticize literature because it does not bring any monetary gain. But this is not the

Paragraph on My Last Day at the School

In the storehouse of my memories, the last day at the school occupies a prominent position. I can never forget the day when I left school and entered the practical life. Our school was the place where we spent four golden years of our lives, where we formed new associations. Those happy days, noisy laughters, careless wanderings still haunt my memory. We had completed two years of Degree Class and we’re going to appear in the B.A. Examination. A day was fixed for filling the forms and paying the dues. I reached school early. All the fellows were full of high hopes about the examination. We had a lively conversation because we knew we would not see one another for a long time. My own feelings at that time were a mixture of joy and sadness. I was happy because I had completed a  part of my education. I was sad because I was leaving my friends and school. Soon we were asked to assemble in a room. A Professor came to guide us in the filling of our Admission Form. My thoughts wandered class

Muslim Politics from Partition of Bengal to the Khilafat Movement

By the turn of the century, communal antagonism gained a great deal of momentum. Sir Syed died in 1898 and in 1900, Anthony MacDonnel (1844-1925) Lt. Governor of the U.P. (an antiMuslim mind) extended recognition to Hindi language as demanded by Hindus, undermining the position of Urdu language; this decision was condemned by the Muslim leaders, but the war against Urdu had entered a crucial phase. The Muslims were feeling much threatened and restive, their associations were now explaining to the government more zealously that the elective system did not provide them a fair chance to make progress; under the joint electorates they would be swamped by the Hindu majority; and demanded the extension of separate electorates in Councils and all local bodies. It may be noted that even in Muslim majority areas of Punjab, Hindus got themselves elected, using unfair means. Events in the beginning of the 20th century were proving that Sir Syed’s apprehensions and reading of the Hindu mind were s

Short Paragraph on Influence of Example

Example is better than precept. Dry-as-dust moral lessons do not appeal to the majority of men. They do not fill young men with any enthusiasm, nor do they inspire them to noble deeds. Such lessons, if illustrated by examples, will impress upon young minds with double and treble force the value of doing good and shunning evil. Tell a young man not to run into debt, and he may not listen to your advice, but show him the evil effects of indebtedness by a reference to those who have ruined themselves, and he would very vividly realize the importance of living within his means. Similarly, a young man who sees a drunkard rolling in a gutter, and who sees his wife and children starving, will keep this example always before him, and avoid this had habit like poison. Good examples are especially inspiring. A poet says: “Lives of great men all remind us. We can make our lives sublime.” [the_ad id=”17141″]The heroic deeds of our ancestors fill us with a spirit of noble emulation. We try to imita

Short Paragraph on War and Peace

War is a great evil. Some say it is a necessary evil in the present state of mankind, but it should be restricted as much as possible only to very unavoidable cases. It is very bad to wage war for selfish ends and trifling objects, such as to satisfy the greed for plunder, or the ambition of a conqueror, or the lust of more territory or personal animosity. War brings dire consequences. Bloodshed is not the only. evil. Hundreds are rendered orphans and widows, trade is stopped, the industry is paralyzed, diseases break out, famine occurs, degradation and misery prevail everywhere, and people become more brutish and revengeful. Of course, war brings out the heroism and the patriotism of a nation, also, but the cost is very heavy. There are numerous other ways in which a nation can develop and display these qualities, which are better and more useful. The achievements of war are short-lived, and the glory and honor of conquerors soon pass away. The empire of Alexander is gone, the conques

Short Paragraph on Friendship

Friendship is the feeling of mutual regard and attachment which grows up among person who come in contact with one another in the affairs of life. It is quite a natural feeling, and grows up and is intensified as a result of frequent intercourse: Usually the feeling is engendered between persons with the same temperaments, tastes and ideas. Like to like is the law which governs friendship. Persons with different tastes can never agree and become friends, because they cannot sympathise with one another; and without sympathy there can be no friendship. Man is a social animal; he must mix with others. A man . who lives in solitude is either an angel or a heast, but the majority of men are not angels. They must, therefore, associate with others, if they do not wish to become misanthropists. And it is a great pleasure to associate with kindred natures. It is easier to make enemies than to make friends. The reason is that true friends are very rare, and every one whom we meet and converse wi

Application to the principal requesting to remit your library fine

The Principal, Govt. College, A. B. C. (City) Sir; With due respect, I wish to state that I am a student of Intermediate Part-I in your esteemed institution. The matter is that the librarian has fined me Rs. 1000/- for being late in returning the books. Sir, a fortnight ago, I went to my village to see my parents. Unfortunately, my mother fell seriously ill. She was to be admitted to a hospital. I had to be there to look after her. I sent you an application for leave. You were kind enough to grant me the leave. I came back yesterday. Today I headed straight for the library to return the books but the librarian told me that I was late in returning the books. He asked me to deposit the above-mentioned fine. Sir, I belong to a poor family from a backward area of rural Punjab. My family hardly makes its both ends meet. So, I am unable to pay the fine. You are, therefore, requested to remit it. In the future, I will be careful in returning the books in time. I hope my request will be grante

Application to the principal requesting for financial assistance

The Principal, Govt. College, A. B. C. (City) Respected Sir, It is stated respectfully that I am a student of Intermediate part-I in your institution. I am a position holder of my class and also very fond of studying. Besides studies, I also participate in different extra-curricular and co-curricular activities held in the college. I have also represented my college at different levels as a debater and a college player. My parents have always supported me in all such activities. But during the last month, a terrible accident happened to my father in which he got his legs broken. Resultantly, he is not in a condition to continue his job. By losing the sole bread-winner of the family, we are facing serious difficulties these days. We are trying to save each and every penny for our father’s surgery. As a result of this mishap my father is unable to deposit my college dues. I do not want to quit my studies because my future depends on it. My father also does not want it happen but he is he

Application to the principal permitting you to change your subjects

The Principal, Govt. College A. B. C. (City) Sir, It is humbly stated that currently, I am a student of Pre-Medical (Part-I) in your institution. While choosing the subject of biology, I thought that I could comprehend it easily. However, in the first few days of studies, I have realized that the subject is not my cup of tea. I find it pretty tough to grasp its various concepts, though, the teacher is quite competent So, I would like to request you to permit me to change my subject of biology with mathematics. I secured 90% marks in mathematics at matriculation level. I assure you that I will show you good performance in the next examination. I promise that I would not let you down if you grant me permission to replace biology with mathematics. Thank you in anticipation. May 15, 2018 Yours obediently, X.Y.Z. [ PDF Download ]

Application to the principal for re-admission of your name

The Principal, Govt. College A. B. C. (City) Sir, It is stated that I am a student of intermediate part I in this college. My name has been struck off from the college roll because I have been absent for one month without any leave application. Actually, my father met a road accident in my native city and was admitted to a hospital. Therefore, I rushed on hearing the news. I got so worried that I couldn’t inform the college. My dad remained in the intensive care unit for twenty days. Being the only son, I had all the responsibility to look after him in the hospital. It was a very tense and hectic time for my family and I could not take out any moment to submit my leave application. Now my father is getting better. I have enclosed his medical reports. Sir, I am a serious-minded student and have never been a cause of mischief or negligence in the past. I apologize for not informing you in time, but I hope that you would understand my situation. Therefore, I request you to re-admit my nam

An application to the principal apologizing your misconduct in the class

The Principal, Govt. College, A. B. C. (City) Sir, Most respectfully, it is stated that I am a student of intermediate part I in this college. Yesterday, my class teacher suspended me because I misbehaved with him during the lecture. Actually, the problem arose when a controversial topic was being discussed in the class. One of my classmates passed a remark, which caused me to lose my temper. In the heat of the emotions, I got reckless and misbehaved with the teacher. Sir, I know that I should have controlled myself and should not be so undisciplined in the class. I am really ashamed of my behavior. I really feel sorry for what I did. I am thankful to my teacher that he did not call my parents. Teachers are like parents to us. They take care of us. I don’t have words to show how much sorry I am. I assure you that such an incident will never happen again. Please apologize me for my sheer misconduct. I shall be very thankful to you. May 15, 2018. Yours obediently, X.Y.Z. [ PDF Download ]

Letter to father seeking permission for going to trip with friends

Examination Hall, A.B.C. September 6, 2007. Dear Father, I have just received your letter. I am glad to know that everyone in the family is hale and hearty. Dear father, some of my friends are planning to visit Tarbela Dam the coming weekend. I also intend to accompany them. There are two good reasons for my joining this trip. First, it would give me respite from a very tiring and busy span of studies during the last session. Two days off in the company of friends, and roaming about in open area would be a perfect setting for recreation. Secondly, this trip would be of educational value as well. A cousin of one of our tripmate is an engineer at Tarbela. He has kindly agreed to show us all the important locations of the Dam and explain to us the technical matters. Dear father, though I am very keen to join this trip, I cannot think of going away from the place of studies without your permission. I shall be keenly awaiting your permission for the trip. Convey my regards to mother and Mun

Letter to younger brother giving him a piece of advice about his studies

Examination Hall, A.B.C. January 3, 2007 Dear Atif, I received your letter the day before. I am glad you are paying due attention to your studies. I hope that your stay at Government College, Sahiwal will be highly rewarding. Since you are so close to my heart, I would like to share some of my experiences of the college life with you. Make it a habit to be punctual in attending your classes. One missed session will put extra pressure on you. If you keep on missing your sessions frequently, you will never be able to make up for the academic toss. I want you to work hard without being a bookworm. Spare some time for co-curricular activities, such as debates, sports, and quiz competitions. During class sessions, never hesitate to ask questions. Your teachers will be ready to answer your queries. This will also help you to develop your spoken skill. Besides, don’t cram the material. Try to understand the concepts and develop your reading and writing skills. Last but not least, try to enjoy

A word of advice from father to his son (English Letter)

Examination Hall, A.B.C. March 10, 2007. My dear Son, I received your letter the day before. We are glad to know that you are in good health, and enjoying your studies. Your mother had a severe attack of influenza last week. Thank Allah, she feels a lot better now. God willing she will fully recover very soon. Tariq and Uzma are as good, or as bad, as before. I know that you are very keen to get a good position in the examination and for that, you must be working very Kfeqd. However, you must remember that moderation is key to success. When the exams draw near some students get so crazy about studies that they do not sleep for more than a couple of hours. My beloved son, you shouldn’t do that. Be steady in your studies, enjof sound sleep, and spare some time for your morning walk. It will keep you fresh and Healthy, which is important for your good preparation for exams. Above all, take care of your diet. Never miss your meals to buy an extra hour for studies. Regular and proper diet w

Paragraph on Books Which Have Influenced Me

There are, indeed, books and books and there are books which, as Lamb said, do not book at all. I have come across both the types-the trashy as well the useful. Both have left their impress behind, but I shall mention only those which influenced my mind for the better. Looking back on the long vista of years I think Jane Eyre was the first book that I read twice and would be glad to read it a third time if somebody presented it to me. I was. I think, fifteen when I first came upon it and what appealed to me most in it was the adorable fidelity and affection with which Charollete Bronte had written of children. The tragic childhood of Jane Eyre wrought upon me a certain charm of attraction as well as compassion. It is generally said that the true tears are those which are called forth by the beauty of poetry. But the true tears are also those, of a yet rarer kind, which are called forth by the beauty of goodness and of such goodness I had an overflowing abundance in Jane Eyre. Her hero,

Short Paragraph on A Motor Car Accident

The other day, a sad accident occurred in Anarkali Bazar. Mr. Kamran with his wife and two children was driving in a car. When he turned the corner towards the Hospital Road, he just saw a tonga coming at great speed, and sounded the horn, but it was too late. The car went right into the tonga, and was upturned. The shaft of the tonga hit Mr. Kamran on the head. The horse was frightened and stood erect, and then fell down with the tonga turned sideways. To get an attorney you can go to The drug crimes defense attorneys in Missouri made a statement that there were two other men in the tonga besides the driver. The driver jumped off, but the passengers were thrown away. Mr. Kamran lay unconscious, and Mrs. Kamran was badly hurt and bled profusely. The children also received serious injuries, and you can look at more info here. The engine of the car continued hissing for a minute or so, and then burst, the wheels were smashed to a pulp. A crowd gathered on the

Short Paragraph on A Railway Smash

A serious Railway collision is reported from Harappa, a small station in the Sahiwal District. The collision took place about a mile from the station between the 25 Up and the 20 Down at about 11 at night. It was a dark night, and the lights were not very bright. The Station Master had given the line clear, and the train had started, when he received a message that a train was coming from the other direction. It was this late message which was really the cause of the smash. The station authorities could do nothing. Besides, it had been found out that the drivers of both these trains were drunk, and though the fireman of the 20 Down had discovered some dim light at the distance as that of an engine, and warned the driver, yet his warning was not heeded. The two engines collided, and as one eye-witness puts it, both stood up on end like two grim giants or: black elephant at close grips. The back carriages of both trains were fortunately separated and ran back to a great distance on the r

Governance Issues in Pakistan Essay

Good governance has emerged at the forefront of the public’s demand in Pakistan. Citizens, domestic enterprises and foreign investors see governance as the key ingredient for sustainable development and a sound investment climate. Accordingly, good governance is recognized as one of the most critical factors for successful achievement of the strategic thrust, policies, programmes and targets. This is the age of living transparently. There is a need to bring a visible change in the culture of all financial players – Finance Ministry and Departments must be more open and transparent, as are all Commercial Banks under the vigilant supervision of the State Bank. Pakistan’s favorable economic conditions can only be achieved as a result of reforms. Reforms can open up opportunities for foreign investors. Reforms lie at the core of our economic turnaround. This process needs to be continued for a longer time. Generation Reforms [the_ad id=”17141″]The focus of ‘first generation reforms’ was to

Short Paragraph on Films and Their Value

Films provide us with pleasure. They are shown in cinema halls. We go there to forget out worries. They have great educational value. They help us to know a lot about different countries and the people who live there. They show us their way of living, the places worth seeing, and the sights worth enjoying. They bring, before out eyes, the activities of great men, for bringing about peace in the world, and to pave the way for its progress. They reveal to us the horrors of war. They exhibit the destruction done by floods, earthquakes, fire, windstorms and heavy rains. They show us the labourers, working in the mines; and the divers, going far deep into the sea, in search of pearls and other precious things. They enable us to see the bombers take off from the airports, to bombard enemy territory and the fighters, putting the enemy planes to fight and para-troops, jumping down, from great heights, to help their own forces in different ways. The films help the government display its activit