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Short Paragraph on A Dacoity

A dacoity is a big crime. but whenever we pick up the newspaper we read about a decoity mugging and murders. Dacoity is committed in the presence of the housemates. The dacoits break into the house and commit the crime. A daring dacoity was committed at the house of a rich Zamindar, named Zia-ur-Rehman, in the village of Nain Sukh. Sixteen dacoits, armed with guns, started from Lahore of the night of 12th November, crossed the Ravi in a boat, and reached the village on the night between the 13th and 14th November 1994. The Zamindar was off to some other place. His wife, his sister, his two sons, and two or three servants were in the house. At midnight, six of the dacoits ascended the roof of the house by means of a ladder, brought from a neighboring house. They jumped into the courtyard from the roof. overpowered the male inmates, and opened the door for the remaining party to enter. They asked the lady of the house about the keys of the safes. Not believing her, when she said she had

Essay on Pleasures of Reading

Pleasures of Reading – 500 Words Essay Man seeks pleasure. He loves and likes pleasure. Many of his activities are simply for pleasure. He can undertake any risk for it. For example, he enjoys sky-diving, surf-riding, rock-climbing, hunting beasts of prey etc. These activities are full of risks and dangers. Then there are various games, sports and hobbies. He can be called a pleasure-seeking being. The pleasure got from reading is unique. Reading provides a matchless pleasure. It is full of many benefits. There are some hobbies which give pleasure but that may be harmful, costly or dangerous. But reading is a very healthy, useful and economical hobby. It gives pleasure which is desirable and preferable. The range of reading material is very vast. You can choose history, philosophy, biography, poetry, drama, fiction, short stories, mythology or travel as your subject. The choice is so vide, rich and varied. You may also select jokes, comics and detective material. It is the best leisure

Short Paragraph on Scouting (430 Words)

The Scout Movement has been recently started, but it has spread rapidly in all the countries of the world and has become very popular. It was started by Sir Baden Powel of England, and from there it was introduced in Pakistan some years ago. In Punjab, the movement has been very successful and is patronized by the Government. Every Government and Aided School has Scout Troop, and satisfactory arrangements exist for giving young men the necessary training. The movement is confined to young men. Its aim is to develop their character and to train them for social service, so that they may grow into loyal and useful citizens. They are trained in habits of obedience, cleanliness, and truthfulness. They are taught to he always active and ready for any useful service which may be required of them and for which they may be fit. All scouts are equal, and are brothers, and have to take a pledge before they become scouts to obey the Scout Law and to be loyal to the King and to the country. A Scout

Short Paragraph on Population Explosion

Over-population is considered to be one of the most complex problems faced by the world today because the world population is increasing at a terribly fast rate. Some idea of this high rate may be formed hy the facts that upto 1830, the total world population was only one billion; it increased to two billions, in 1960 it was three billions; in 1975, it went up to about 4 billions; by the end of this century, it will almost certainly shoot upto 8 billions if it continues increasing at this rate! But just what is over, population? If a country is thickly populated but it is, so well developed economically that its resources are fully utilized to satisfy the basic wants of its people, it cannot be termed overpopulation, it will be inevitable termed as overpopulated. Most countries of the world, especially the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, are overpopulated. This has made the problem very serious; so serious, indeed, that the economists often refer to it as the p

Science More Important Than Literature and Art Paragraph

Outline: Science in the service of mankind. Scientific knowledge trains observation. Disadvantages of scientific knowledge. Art and literature. Study of art and literature and its advantages. Conclusion. Science in the service of mankind: Not only human society, but even human happiness depends on the submission of individuals to certain laws. Whether Science expounds those laws most vividly to mankind or art and literature is a matter of deep controversy. An education in science is receiving more and more attention every day which makes the Hedonists believe that science is contributing more to the happiness of mankind than literature and art. A deeper examination will, however, reveal that the reason why scientific knowledge is so much pursued is that most of the professions in modern life require a knowledge of the science; for example, engineering, medical, forest and agriculture, and various other industries. The greatest scientific achievement of the twentieth century is the airp

Short Paragraph on Inflation (355 Words)

Inflation has been gradually building up for the last one or two decades. It is not restricted to a few countries. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Its reasons and cases are so numbers that it is scarcely possible to write all of them down here in a short essay. At most, only a sketchy account of inflation can be given and that too in relation to Pakistan alone. In addition to general reasons applicable to all other countries of the world, there are certain particular reasons also which added to the inflationary trend in Pakistan. The 1971 War, which paralysed the economy of Pakistani and brought misery to hundreds of thousands of people, is one of the major reasons. After this War, Pakistan currency had to be devalued sharply as an initial step towards rebuilding the economy. The 1973 floods in the Punjab and the Sind destroyed crops and property worth crores of rupees and took uncountable human lives. But this was not all. The sharp hike in oil prices proved to be as disastrous for our

Paragraph on Life Then and Now

Votaries of modern civilization will find nothing attractive: about the slow, leisurely life is lived in the past, say, in the pre-British days. Modern life is so different from old life that looks like a break between two epochs. Our entire life, physical, social, economic, intellectual or imaginative, is cast in a different pattern. Science has been the main revolutionizing factor. Our forefathers lived in squalid villages, ignorant of the laws of hygiene and health, in dingy, ill-ventilated mud huts, which were little better than hovels, surrounded by heaps of rubbish on all sides. There was little or no sanitation and life, on the whole, was dirty. One sometimes wonders how they could be still healthy. But for fresh air, sun, and unadulterated foodstuffs, they would have ceased to exist long ago. There were no traveling amenities like aeroplanes, railways, cars or bicycles. Travelling was slow, difficult and risky and what made matters worse was the absence of pukka roads of the ty

Short Paragraph on Ambition

The desire to distinguish oneself and to be illustrious either in the satisfaction of one’s own ends or in the service of humanity is ambition. It is a strong impulse which rouses a man to action and under its influence a man is capable of doing things and of undergoing all sorts of hardships, which would not have been practicable under ordinary circumstances. Ambition is a passion which is both useful and had. Seeing that it gives an impetus to work, it is useful, for upon work rests the improvement of the world. There is motive behind all work and, but for this. no one would have stirred his little finger to do anything. In many cases this motive is supplied by ambition. If the hearts of men were not fired by ambition, there would have been no civilisation, no inventions and no discoveries. No one would have spent his time in writing books or in making scientific experiments or in voyaging to different parts of the world in search of new lands. were there not a desire behind this to

Essay on Examination Fever

Experts do not agree about the usefulness of examinations. Some regard them a necessary evil. Others regard them as true test of labour and merit. They say that examinations inspire students to study and work hard. They present a. goal before the students. The other view is that they do a positive harm. They encourage copying, cheating and rot learning. For students, the examinations are unwelcome. At the approach of the examination, the students are in tension. The very thought of examination makes them fearful. The fear of failure or low scores make them unhappy. They never feel easy and comfortable with the examinations. The approach of the examinations keep them disturbed. Immediately before and during the examination, students suffer from a kind of fever. As a result of it, they are worried a lot. They suspend all their pleasure activities. They don’t visit friends, nor play games, nor visit cinemas. They concentrate on studies. They are very busy with books, notes and serious rea

How to write a story (4 Steps)

A story consists of these four distinct parts: 1: Beginning The beginning should be direct and the story should be begun in the very first line. The writer should never introduce himself or the story so as to clarify particular things that are to be told later on. This destroys a semblance of reality in the story. in the beginning of the story the writer should introduce to the reader the different characters that take part in it. He should also show the trend of the story and point out the problem that the story is going to tackle or the incidents that are going to occur. Short Paragraph on Drug Addiction with Quotations So that, after having read the beginning of the story, the reader should be in possession of sufficient material to be able to appreciate all that comes later on. He should also have Some idea of the things that are going to happen in the course of the story. The students should always remember that if the beginning of a short-story is dull, the reader will not read f

Short Paragraph on Social Reforms

Society exists for the perfection of man. It is the mean for the attainment of physical and mental, moral and spiritual welfare of man, and as such, must be changed from time to time to suit circumstances. If at any time, it is found that it hinders rather than helps the progress of man, it must be reformed. Change’ is essential, otherwise, we shall be sacrificing the end for preserving the means, which would be wrong. Society moves on, stagnation for it means death. Just as there are diseases in the physical body, so there are diseases in the social organism, and these diseases must be eradicated, so that society may fulfill the object for which it exists. Pakistani society has felt the need for change. There is discontent with the existing state of things, and people feel keenly that there are certain serious obstacles arising out of the peculiar structure of society, and certain prejudices, which stand in the way of our progress. As a result of this dissatisfaction, revolutionary ch