1st Year English Book 1 (The Reward) Exercises

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      • This chapter is from the 11th class English book 1 and it has been written by the Lord Dunsany. we have presented the important questions of this chapter for the intermediate (part 1) FSc FA first year students.

Q: Discuss the political views of Jorkens.

Jorkens joined politics with a definite purpose. He wanted to get his aim. His aim was to get a seat of acrobat created in the Royal Court. He knew that he would be opposed by many but even then he continued. He made public speeches and expressed his aim openly. He said that the Court Acrobat would serve as a model to the young men of the country. This post would also help in giving strength to the soldiers of the country. In this way, the defence of the country would become strong.

Q: How did Gorgios achieve his ambition?

Gorgios achieved his ambition after a long struggle. He worked for more than sixty years in the completion of his mission. He went into politics and made speeches to the public. He stuck to his aim. By and by people started paying attention to what he said. They started realizing the strength of his arguments. Soon his opponents also gave way. At last the day came when his aim was materialized. A post of Court acrobat was created. All of them agreed that he himself should be selected for this post. So he achieved his ambition after the struggle of more than sixty years.

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the viewpoint of the writer? Give five reasons.

In practical life, no viewpoint is final. Man has to adopt different policies in different situations. We don't agree with the writer on the following grounds:

  • Jorkens should have related an event from history to prove his standpoint. His story appears to be a pack of lies, never supported by history. As such, it cannot be taken as a model.
  • Gorgios attained his aim when he Was unable to give actual performance. it looks impossible. Time is a great factor in human history. No doubt, his struggle is praiseworthy, but the result seems to be unbelievable.
  • Generalizations are established on the basis of better percentage. The cases like Gorgios are not supported by history. If such events have ever taken place, their percentage is very low. We cannot establish any generalization in this regard.
  • In the lives of successful men, we find a balance. Their achievement is a combination of both opportunity and determination.
  • Fate is another important factor in human struggle. The people who succeed in life are favored by good fortune as well.

Q: Why were the brilliant dresses put in the shade at the inauguration?

The brilliant dresses were put in the shade because Gorgios uniform was of superior class. it was a tight-fitting suit of red velvet, all gay with gold buttons. It was shining with lines of gold lace that made a curved design. He appeared in a flood of golden light. His white hair and the red uniform showed each other off to perfection. No doubt, other men and women were also wearing very fine dresses, but Gorgios uniform outshined every dress.

Q: What is the lesson the story teaches?

The story tells the moral lesson that if a man keeps on struggling with full determination, he can attain everything. The aim that Gorgios achieved looked impossible, but he made it possible because he stuck to it too hard and too long. if a man works single-mindedly and whole-heartedly, he succeeds in getting his aim. The character of Gorgios and his struggle are a model for the human beings who have set difficult goals for themselves.

Q: What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?

Gorgios parents criticized him because they did not like his attitude. They were of practical bent of mind. They thought that he was wasting his time in foolish activities

Q: What was Gorgios ambition?

Gorgios wanted to be Court acrobat. This idea came to his mind while he was a Schoolboy. At school, he became the best athlete. So he thought to be an acrobat at the court.

Q: Why did Jorkens say that Gorgios ambition was a most extraordinary one?

There was no such seat at the court. He had to get it created. It looked almost impossible. That is why this ambition had been called a most extraordinary one.

Q: Why did Gorgios country not have the post of Court acrobat?

Usually there were no such posts in a court because acrobats were not needed to run the business of the court. It was only Gorgios wish.

Q: What had been Gorgios performance at school?

At school, Gorgios had won the high jump, the hurdle race and the hundred yards. As such, he was the best athlete at his school.

Q: Were Jorkens remarks You don't remain an athlete all your life justified?

Jokens remarks were quite justified. It is a universal truth that no one remains young and physically fit all his life. So no one can remain an athlete all his life.

Q: Why did Gorgios go into politics?

Gorgios had a definite purpose before him. He wanted to get the seat of Court acrobat. This seat did not exist. He could get it created only when he was in government. This is why he went into politics.

Q: Why did Gorgios work harder than any other politician of his country?

The other politicians were carrying on the routine matters. On the other hand, Gorgios had to get something extraordinary. He could not get his aim without working very hard.

Q: What suggestion did Gorgios give to increase the glory of his country?

Gorgios suggested that the offetal presence of an acrobat at the court would increase the glory of his countWi his would encourage the young men and would make the army strong.

Q: Why was Gorgios idea of appointing Court acrobat opposed in the beginning?

Other people thought that Gorgios idea was quite foolish. So they opposed such a silly suggestion. Gorgios stuck to his idea and by and by succeeded in overcoming the opposition.

Q: How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?

He suggested that the acrobat at the court was necessary to make the Country strong. This acrobat would show perfect physical fitness which would inspire the youth and the soldiers.

Q: Who was chosen Court acrobat, and why?

It was Gorgios himself who was chosen for this post. In spite of his old age, he was considered the right man for this post. In this way, his nation gave him respect for his idea.

Q: What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?

Gorgios was interested in Sports and wished to prove his parents wrong. It means that they used to advise him to take more interest in studies. Their viewpoint was like the viewpoint of most of the parents.

Q: How did Gorgios come to learn that his parents were right?

He had spent his whole life for the realization of his wild idea His parents wanted him to do traditional things. No doubt he got his aim in the end, but he came to know that his parents were right.

Q: Why did Jorkens go to Gorgios' country?

Jorkens was overtāken by wanderlust. He was on his trip to the continent that he came to that country. When he came to know that there was a ceremony, he went to the court to see it. Describe the uniform of the Court acrobat. It was a tight-fitting suit of red velvet. It was decorated with gold buttons. Designs of gold lace on it gave a beautiful shine.

Q: What arrangements were made for the function of Gorgios' inauguration?

The court room had been turned into a kind of gymnasium The members of the Royal House sat along a raised platform. The high swings hung down from the ceiling. A row of neat hurdles was arranged on the polished floor.

Q: Describe the scene of Gorgios' inauguration. Write five sentences.

The court room was decorated beautifully. It looked like a grand gymnasium. The members of the royal family were sitting on the platform. In a flood of golden light appeared Gorgios. He was wearing a brilliant tight-fitting uniform.

Q: Describe how Gorgios entered the scene as the Court acrobat.

The doors opened with a flood of golden light. The old man in his brilliant uniform appeared with others. His white hair and the red uniform showed each other off to perfection.

Q: What did Gorgios do when he entered the court as the first Court acrobat?

When Gorgios entered the court, he walked with the help of his stick to the hurdles. He looked towards the royal platform with sad expressions. People began clapping.

Q: What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion of inauguration?

Gorgios was a bit sad. This idea came to his mind when he was sixteen years old. His dream came true after sixty years. At that time he could not give actual performance.

Q: What question did Gorgios ask with his eyes in the great throne-room?

The main question was whether the people expected him to give actual performance in the court.

Q: How did the people in the throne-room receive Gorgios as the first Court acrobat?

People received him very warmly. They were all excited. They kept on clapping for him for quite a long time. They never expected any performance from him due to his old age.

Q: Why did the people assure Gorgios that no actual activity was expected of him?

People assured him so only to please him. He was selected against a seat for which he was not eligible due to his age. People never wanted him to feel ashamed.

Q: What was Jorkens opinion?

Jorkens was of the opinion that only determination was necessary for success in life. He said, "If a man was determined to get anything, and stuck to it long enough, he got it."

Q: How is life like a race?

Jorkens said, "Life is like a race in which they tire after a while and sit down, or get interested in something else. The man who keeps on wins the race."

Q: What was Terbut's opinion?

Terbut was of the opinion that opportunity was needed for success in life. Only those succeeded in life who got the opportunity.

Q: What did Terbut think of Jorkins argument?

Terbut did not agree with Jorkins. He thought that success depended on the availability of opportunity. This is why he could not accept Jorkins' argument.

Q: How did Jorkens convince that a man could become a skating champion of the Sahara?

Jorkens said that if a man wanted to be the skating champion of the Sahara, he could. He would make the money first. Then he would build a skating-rink and organize a competition there.

Q: What was the theme of the story told by Jorkens?

The theme of the story was that on the basis of determination. Gorgios got what at one stage looked impossible. He entered politics and got the desired seat created. Against this seat he got his appointment.

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Honey Notes: 1st Year English Book 1 (The Reward) Exercises
1st Year English Book 1 (The Reward) Exercises
This chapter is from the 11th class English book 1 and it has been written by the Lord Dunsany. we have presented the important questions of this chapter for the intermediate (part 1) FSc FA first year students.
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